Saturday 20 October 2012

Book Review - Vengeance

Title: Vengeance
Author: Michelle Madow
Series: Transcend Time Saga (Book 2)
Publisher: Dreamscape Publishing
Release Date: 8 Dec 2011
ISBN-13: 978-0615559711

 How far would you go to get revenge?
When Chelsea Givens discovered that her ex-boyfriend Drew dumped her to be with her former best friend Lizzie, she'd never felt so betrayed in her life. Then her new friend Shannon tells her she can help set things right. Chelsea's willing to listen, but what Shannon wants her to believe -- that she shared a past life with Drew -- is impossible. And what she wants her to do to get him back … well, it's downright crazy.
Could Shannon be telling the truth? And if she is, what lengths will Chelsea go if it means making Lizzie pay? 

*Vengeance is the short story that bridges the events in Remembrance and the final novel in the Saga.

My Review
After reading Remembrance (book1) last year, I wanted more. I finally got hold of this short story but for some reason it got put on the shelf and I've jsut picked it up. I am participating in the 'Timeless' tour (book 3) next month and so have that one to read so I have just re-read Remembrance and got stuck into this one.
It didn't take long to read, it's only 50 pages long and literally bridges the gap between book 1 and book 3, although very short, it sets the whole storyline for book 3 and so is very important. It's also a refreshing look into someone else's point of view. Book 1 and 3 are told from Lizzie's point of view, but this one is told from Chelsea's

After being dumped by Drew and betrayed by Lizzie, Chelsea is out for revenge, but how far is someone willing to go to get it?
This story is to the point but still capturing and magical. Michelle Madow has a way of writing that truly sweeps you into the page. 
Definitely a series to pick up. 

My Rating


Annette Mills said...

I love these covers, but haven't read the books. Venice, I think? I have a thing for books set in Venice....

barmybex said...

They are gorgeous covers, so beautiful. I want some of those masks. :D
These are set in America and England. But I agree Venice is a great setting. :)