Sunday 9 December 2012

Banner/Logo maker - Recommendations?

HI everyone.

I am trying to plan an event on my blog for the start of next year. I am calling it "Top 12 of 2012" which will be run over two weeks.
On the first of January I will have an introductory post, then over the next 12 days I will feature a different author and thier books. They will all be ones that I have read and loved during this year. Then on the 14th I will do an end post.

I'm not going to say who is featuring, but I have contacted all the authors I want to feature and some of them will be doing Interviews and even offering giveaways. But you will have to come back during the event to know more and see what is up for grabs!

What I want help with is a banner for this tour. Something I can put at the top of each post and use to promote the event. Does anyone know someone who could design me a banner, for not too much money. I know I will need to pay whoever does it, but I can't afford much. I also realise it is quite short notice.
So any ideas?
I need help!

My other question is, should I make this event into a Hop?
Would anyone else like to join in with the event with their own choice of 12 authors/books they have loved and would want to feature. Obviously you wouldn't need to contact all the authors like i did, just putting a promotional post up featuring their book would be enough. As simple or as involved as you would like.
I was just wondering, so opinions?

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