Sunday 24 February 2013

Book Review - Adapting Eden

Title: Adapting Eden
Author: Victoria Foyt
Series: Save the Pearls (Book 2)
Published: Sand Dollar Press Inc
Release Date:  25th January 2013
ISBN-13: 978-0983650348

Eden Newman must adapt into a hybrid human beast if she hopes to become Ronson Bramford’s mate. She has no choice but to undergo her father’s adaptation experiment at his makeshift laboratory in the last patch of rainforest. But when the past rears its ugly head, Eden and Bramford must abandon camp along with their family and friends. Luckily, an Aztec tribe that has survived with the aid of a healing plant provides them with sanctuary—or is it? Too late, Eden realizes she is at the center of an epic spiritual battle between love and war. To survive, she must face her deepest fears or lose everything, including the beastly man she loves.

My Review
I read book one at the start of 2012 and actually enjoyed it, In fact, looking back I gave it a high review rating. I didn't have a problem with it and found myself getting into the world. 
I then didn't hear anything about the series for ages so kind of forgot about it, then a couple of weeks ago I got an email asking if I would like to read book 2, I said yes. I recieved the book in the post and  put it on my to be read list. I wasn't as fond of the synopsis for this one, I wasn't sure what to expect but I started reading anyway. 
For some reason everywhere online says this is 110 pages - it's not, it's actually 300. Although the font is fairly big. 
I started to read and found myself back in the 'Jungle' with Eden and Bramford. Now I have to confess I could never really picture what Bramford is supposed to look like in his 'transformed' state. The 'Jaguar Man' who can run on all fours, and has 'muscles' but yet walks and talks like a human too, I can't picture how it is combined, so I kind of ignored that in the first book and just pictured him as a muscle bound guy. 
This book is mostly about Eden wanting to 'Adapt' so she can become a 'she-cat' with the sole purpose of being Bramford's mate. And after another book I still couldn't picture how they were supposed to look *confused*. As for Eden, I actually found her quite irritating, she spent her time moaning about Bramfords lack of trust in her then she would do something that would jeopardize them, then the next minute she would be fawning all over him, it was like her very existance depended on him being with her. Stop whining girl, you shouldn't have to change who and what you are to be accepted by a guy - what a message to send! Even if it is in a 'prophecy' made years ago by Aztecs. That's no excuse.
I also didn't really get what was going on a lot of the time, there seemed to be a lot of fighting, arguing and Eden talking about her 'wedding night'. I'm quite innocent when it comes to that sort of thing and I definitely don't read anything with graphic scenes in. I was surprised this book was aimed at teens, it seemed like something following the current trend of 50 shades in places and I would skim/jump over the pages, it still didn't make sense, at one point she made friends with a young girl and ended up naked in a steam bath hut, where they would 'hold each other' *blush* (I skimmed over these pages as it just made me uncomfortable.) That's not how normal 'friends' act! One minute she was pining for her man then spending time with a girl. Just weird, and he didn't have a problem with it. Just odd. 
What was there was written well, it was just that it didn't work for me as a plot. I didn't get it. You could have the best penned and constructed writing in the world but if the content is off it won't come across.
Then her father spent 90% of the book high on some 'healing' plant, completely crazed and then there was some pretty violent battles, I think she ripped the throat out of a leopard at one point, including blood splatters. And they cut the heart out of a girl, which was written in lots of detail. *gross*
I just did not get it. I only looked the book up yesterday to mark it on Goodreads as 'Currently Reading' ( I was already over halfway through) when I saw all the negativity around it, I was surprised by just how many negative comments there were, but I can sort of see why. (This review is my opinion only, and I was not influenced by any online comments) As I said I didn't really have a problem with book 1. For me it set the world up OK and made a promising start, but this one seemed to go way off the tracks.
I hate doing negative reviews as I know how hard authors work on their books, but I just couldn't understand where she was going with this one. Just one big bundle of sex, drugs and violence. I nearly gave up a few times but as it was short I pushed on. I found myself losing focus on the characters and didn't really like any of them, they all had their own agenda and didn't care about anyone else, so I found I didn't really care either. 
Missed the mark for me! 

My Rating

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