Thursday 21 February 2013

Book Review - Hym and Hur

Title: Hym & Hur
Author: Phillip Frey
Publisher: Smashwords
Release Date: 14th January 2012

Hym and Hur are a young couple who never age and have been in love for more than a century. They also possess an array of magical abilities, two of which are either to play pranks on humankind or to perform good deeds. Enacting both at the same time is now what gets them into trouble, especially since it's the unruly character of Death they must deal with to bring their plans to fruition.
The prank Hym and Hur have come up with must first be agreed upon by Death, who happens to be a rambunctious, difficult character. Once agreed upon, the prank is set in motion. Hym and Hur soon discover Death had tricked them into a contract with dire consequences for all of us.
During their attempt to break the contract, Hym and Hur try to save the relationship of an earthbound couple, knowing they are truly meant for each other. A good deed that will bring Hym and Hur even more trouble.

My Review
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
This book is very short, at just 22 pages this is definitely what you would class as a 'Short Story'. I read it in about 15 minutes and I have to admit, it left me saying 'Why?' I didn't really get it.
OK, let me rewind and try to explain. The story follows a mischievous couple called 'Hym' and 'Hur', very odd names but I can just about look past that. But I'm not entirely sure WHAT they are, they can make themselves unseen, talk to death, play pranks on humans. I think I remember them floating at one point, (but don't hold me to that) but I didn't understand if the were actual humans, fae creatures, angels or what. That was my first confusion.
They then decide to play a new prank, they ask Death for his help, but when he gets involved in things you know they are going to get complicated.
I liked the basic idea for the story and felt it had potential, but for me it just didn't seem to actually hold any relevance, I like to close a book and feel like I've made friends, been on a journey and seen something come to a conclusion. Well this story did come to a conclusion, everything was wrapped up and tied off nicely but I didn't really feel like I cared. To me this felt like an idea that could have been expanded so much further but just skimmed the surface instead.
I didn't have a problem with the writing, it was clear and concise, the characters did have a sense of personality and whimsy. I just didn't particularly care. Maybe I'm just not one for short stories, but this one didn't grab me.
I've heard other books by this author are good and I've seen a lot of good ratings for this one too. So Whereas I didn't find it to my tastes, if you like cute little short stories you should give it a try.

My Rating

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