Saturday 4 May 2013

Book Review - The Dregs

Title: The Dregs
Author: Piper Kelley
Series: The Gloom (book3)
Publisher: Piper Kelley
Release Date:  24th June 2012

What will happen when evil finds its way into the human world? In this exciting final installment of The Gloom Trilogy, Poppy finds herself in the Dregs, a run-down industrial park with danger lurking around every corner. Somewhere hidden in this wasteland of factories and warehouses is an old foe of Winsome, who has eluded her twice before. Here, Poppy must put an end to this terrible force for once and for all, before both Winsome and the human world fall victim to her enemy’s dreadful magic. 

My Review
This is the third and final part of the series, Just when everyone thinks the danger has passed an old enemy shows up with one final plot for revenge, but this time he takes his battle out of Winsome and into the human world. I really liked the flip on sides seeing the characters from the fairy land coming into our world and Poppy being the one at ease, it was an interesting change to the group dynamic and I enjoyed seeing how they adapted to it.
Once again we have Poppy, Brady, Gus and Peregrine involved and I liked seeing the growing relationship between Peregrine and Poppy, they are overcoming the past and starting to really get to know each other. 
I also liked to see Brady and Poppy grow closer, you just know they are meant to be together.
The world was very well built and described, the Dregs are in our world, an abandoned warehouse lot full of creepy homeless people, burnt out cars and empty buildings, really quite creepy and I could totally picture it all.  I kept expecting someone crazy to jump out at the characters, it builds the tension well. 
We see Poppy change the most over this book, both in the way she looks at her relationships with her mum, little sister, dad and even with Augusta and Brady. You see her grow up and come to think about things a bit more, she tries to cling onto some things, but ultimately she is prepared to do what is necessary.
I found this to be an exciting conclusion to the series, again it's short at about 140 pages and it only took me an hour to read but that hour like the one before it flew by. 

This is a great fantasy series for children, great fun and quirky characters will capture imaginations.

My Rating


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