Sunday 14 July 2013

Book Promo - I Want to Hold Your Hand

On a frigid February night in New Hampshire the car Penny is riding in loses control and crashes passenger-side first into a tree. When she wakes up the next morning she can’t understand why her mother and sister are ignoring her, until she accidentally sticks her hand through her mother and remembers the night before.
A town away, Will is going about his senior year of high school on autopilot. He can’t work up the courage to tell his overbearing father that he doesn’t want to go to Boston College and study Business, his ex-girlfriend doesn’t understand the concept of being broken up, and he’s tired of feeling like his life is all an act.
Thinking she’s dead and wishing for a respite from her family’s grief, Penny is drawn to a house party where she meets Will, who miraculously can see her though no one else can. In the off-limits living room at the back of the house, with music thumping and their peers making fools of themselves nearby, Penny and Will begin a relationship that will make both of them question the decisions that have brought them to where they are and force them to jointly take a leap of faith.
Author Bio:
Stephanie Blackburn lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her two cats, Bug and Beans. At any given time she has at least two (or more) writing projects in the works while trying to find time to get through the always growing pile of books on her bedside table. She has a borderline unhealthy relationship with good quality chocolate and double-stuffed oreos and her favorite method of procrastination (especially during editing) is baking. She loves hearing from fellow readers so please leave comments on her blog!

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