Sunday 21 July 2013

Book Review - Allies of the Night

Title: Allies of the Night
Author: Darren Shan
Series: The Saga of Darren Shan (book 8)
Publisher: Harper Collins Children's Books
Release Date: 5 Feb 2009
ISBN-13: 978-0007137800

Darren Shan, Vampire Prince and "vampaneze" killer, faces his worst nightmare yet--school. But homework is the least of Darren's problems. Bodies are piling up. Time is running out. And the past is catching up with the hunters fast.

My Review
When I read the synopsis of this book I groaned a little, in the middle of a vampire war, Shan is sent to school? Surely not, but I'm so far into this series I did not want to give up, so I put my hesitations to one side and dived in. And I'm glad I did because it actually works quite well, it opens the way for some old characters to make a re-appearance.
As dead bodies keep turning up in Crepsley's old home town, the group head back there to try and catch the Vampaneze responsible but they run into bigger trouble than they imagined.
Since the first book I have waited for Steve Leopard to turn up again, each time a 'familiar' face was spotted throughout the series I always wondered if it would be him, and finally this time it was. And it's good! Not what I expected but I liked the way he was re-introduced and the following events were awesome. 
We also see Debbie, Darren's first girlfriend re-appear, obviously older and hopefully wiser but she plays a big part which was fun and not what I expected.
This book had quite a lot of surprises in it and I read it so fast, I couldn't wait to know what happened. 
The series just keeps getting better and better. I <3 darren="" font="" shan="">

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