Monday 5 August 2013

Book Review - Wolf Island

Title: Wolf Island
Author: Darren Shan
Series: The Demonata (book 8) 
Publisher: Harper Collins Children's Books
Release Date: 1 April 2008
ISBN-13: 978-0007260423

As the mysterious Shadow builds an army of demons, Grubbs Grady and his team search desperately for answers. But when they follow up a new lead, it takes them to an old, unexpected foe - the Lambs.

"We spot the werewolves as we skim the treetops. Mutated, vicious, hairy monstrosities, all fangs, claws and muscles. The beast within me tries to force its way to the surface, howling silently at its warped brethren. I've never rid myself of the wolf..."

My Review
We're back with Grubbs, there is a slight recap of events from the book before as in that book it was told from Bec's point of view so this is now Grubb's point of view. 
Not only are they battling Demons of various levels and abilities, with the impending threat of the Shadow, they now have to face a group of Werewolves, or what used to be the cursed members of the Grady family. They've gone through changes and are now savage, but organised. 
Their investigations lead Grubbs, Meera and Shark to a mysterious island covered in wolves, more than they could have imagined. The experiments the Lambs have been carrying out have gone further than anyone expected. Minute by minute chances of leaving the island become almost impossible. 
This one had a different feel to it and in some ways a change of pace. It' still fast, furious and exciting but just something about it was different. Maybe the setting - it's not Carcery Vale (Dervish's home) or the Demon universe. A completely different playing field and a different enemy. I quite liked it. 
This one seemed to be more brutal though, loads of deaths (gruesome ones too) and some very shocking developments.
I'm getting ever closer to the end and the tension is mounting, things I never expected are happening and characters I love and those I dislike are dying all around. No one seems to be safe. 

My Rating

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