Saturday 24 August 2013

My YA Life in Book Titles

Jamie from The Perpetual Page-Turner came up with another awesome quiz. 'My YA Life in Book Titles' - it's exactly as it sounds - you have to answer every question with a book title.

How would you describe your 16 year old self? Freak The Mighty
When You Looked Into The Mirror What Did You See: My So-Called Life
Your 16 year old self outlook on life/motto: Just Listen (I was very quiet and liked to see what other people had to say)
How You Think People Would Describe Your Personality: Geek Girl
Describe An Insecurity In High School: My Life Undecided  (I always worried I didn't know what to do in the future)
Describe the contents of your diary/journal: My not so Simple Life
Your biggest Fear: Mean Spirits
You excelled at: Cat's Cradle
You were always concerned about: Crossing the Line (I hated getting in trouble!)
You Thought Your Life Was: Moving On


How would you sum up your high school love life? Never Ever (Just didn't happen!)
Describe your most serious boyfriend from high school? Waiting For You (Never had one, just waited for one)
Describe your first kiss: Invisible (Again, hasn't happened)
Your philosophy on dating/love: Love You To Death (Love should be forever 'til death do us part') 
Describe Your Worst Break Up: This Is So Not Happening (No break up without a boyfriend to start with, so again, hasn't happened!)


Your relationship with your mom as a teen: Loved
Your relationship with your dad as a teen: Forever My Girl (I always was a Daddy's girl, and will always be his little girl!) 
Your relationship with a sibling: A Simple's Life (Was pretty simple, we got on, we fought occasionally, normal really)
What you thought about your parents rules/parenting style: Everlasting  (What they taught me will stay with me forever.)

Describe you and your best friend at 16: Devoted
Your Social Status: The Unseen Guest  (I always felt rather invisible!)
Describe Your Group Of Friends: Sweetness

Your Perception Of High School Upon Entering: Chaos
Your Weekends Were: The Moon and More (A time to do anything and everything)
If Your High School Life Was A Movie It would be called: How To Be Popular... When Your A Social Reject
A Class You Wish High School Would Have Offered: Night Circus (I would have loved to do acrobatics and circus skills!)
Your Senior Year Was: Etiquette & Espionage  (Felt like everyone acted a certain way but there was a lot of going behind people's backs and secrecy. Always hated it.)
Describe prom: Caught In A Moment
When High School Ended It Was: New Beginnings

How You Felt About The Prospect of College: Grave Doubts
How You Thought Your Life Would Be At 24(insert whatever age you are now):  Remarkable Life & Times

Describe Your Love Life Now: Wonder
Describe The State Of Your Friendship With Your High School BFF: The Truth About Forever
(Sometimes forever really doesn't last!)
Your Relationship With Your Parents Now: Timeless
Biggest Lesson You Learned In High School: Noughts and Crosses
One Thing You WISHED You Had Learned: The Meaning of Life
Advice You Wish You Could Have Given Your Teen Self: If You Could See Me Now (Things will be OK, just follow your heart.)
Something You Could Learn From Your 16 Year Old Self: The Time Of My Life  (I still think school was the best years of my life so far)

Wow, that was harder than I thought it would be, but still fun!
I tried to be as accurate as possible.

Let me know if you take this quiz, would be interesting to compare answers

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