Sunday 7 February 2021

Book Review - Hunger


Title: Hunger

Series: Gone (Book 2)

Author: Michael Grant

Publisher: Egmont Books

Release Date: 6th September 2010

ISBN13: 9781405251532



It's been three months since everyone under the age of fifteen became trapped in the bubble known as the FAYZ. Things have only gotten worse. Food is running out, and each day more kids are developing supernatural abilities. Soon tension rises between those with powers and those without, and when an unspeakable tragedy occurs, chaos erupts. It's the normals against the mutants, and the battle promises to turn bloody.

But something more dangerous lurks. A sinister creature known as the Darkness has begun to call to the survivors in the FAYZ. It needs their powers to sustain its own. When the Darkness calls, someone will answer -- with deadly results.


My Review

 This book starts 3 months after the first finished. Not much has happened in that time other than food starting to run low and fights starting to break out as frustration and panic begins to take over. 

The first chapter is quite gory and made my skin crawl - Grant is really throwing you back into the world with a bang, and I worried the whole book would be horribly gory, but it's actually not that bad as you go through, just enough to create an impact but not to put you off. 

More kids are starting to develop powers and the 'Darkness' is calling out, demanding to be heard, to be fed, to be released. This book has a lot more character development, now that the world is established, we get to see how the various different people react to the situations and we see more of their flaws and struggles, which make them all the more relateable. 

Sam is still in charge and he is starting to lose it, there is just too much pressure. He's only 15 and yet seems to be the father figure to every single kids within the 'FAYZ', he has to sort our petty arguments, arrange food distributions and sort the major problems all at once. He can't remember the last time he slept and quite frankly he is starting to get fed up with the whole thing. And who can blame him? I totally feel for Sam throughout this book and admire his courage and determination, I'd have been yelling and walking away long before now.

Astrid is still very much involved but felt more like a background character in this one, her main job is to keep Little Pete calm and happy and she only really features when Pete or Sam is having a meltdown.

Instead we have more focus on Edilio, Brianna the 'Breeze' and Dekka, and once again the bad guys are trying to take over and get rid of Sam so we still have Caine, Drake and Diana on the 'Coates' side. 

I liked that Computer Jack started to have more of a part, the boy really needs to learn how to stand up for himself and not be treated like a genius slave, but you start to see him come into his own a bit more and I look forward to seeing this more as the series progresses.  

Overall, this one doesn't have as much in your face action as the first, but there is plenty of little bits and pieces to keep you hooked and build you up to the main events nearer the end. Considering this book is just shy of 600 pages, I read it in 2 solid sittings, in fact I read 387 in one go, I couldn't put it down. 

These books are surprisingly gripping and will keep you reading and wanting to know more. 

My Rating




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