Wednesday 2 January 2013

Top 12 of 2012: 1 Megan Duncan

The first pick of my Top 12 of 2012 is now here.

I have featured this author on my blog a number of times. I have been a part of blog tours and reviewed all of her books. Most recently was the release of her newest novel 'Falling from Eternity'. Her books always get the highest rating from me and I eagerly anticipate each new one.

I am of course talking about Megan Duncan. Not only is she an awesome author but also a really cool person. For today's post I have an interview with Megan and she has very kindly offered a prize for a Giveaway. Read on to find out more.

Megan Duncan has so far released five books with more on the way.

Released and Chaos are Dystopian thrillers, Savor and Indulge is a Vampire series (Warm Delicacy) with Devour hopefully coming out soon and then Falling From Eternity is a paranormal love story.

Each individual book has it's own charm and magic and I can't pick a favourite.  I read Chaos in July 2012, and Falling from Eternity in December 2012, so she certainly qualifies for this promotion. :D

Anyway, onto the Interview:

1)   Savor & Indulge is very different from Released & Chaos, was it hard to move between the two?
Actually, I think it made writing a lot easier for me. If there was ever a scene that proved to be too difficult I was able to take a step back and work on something completely different.

2)   What was the hardest thing about writing the Warm Delicacy series?
Definitely worrying what people will think. I tried to make the story as different from all the other vampire books I've seen, but I still get scared that it may be too different. Not everyone like change lol.

3)   Are any of the characters based on people you know in real life?
Absolutely! Sometimes its easier to describe a character's personality when I know the individual personally. ;o)

4)   Do you listen to music whilst you write? If so do you have any song suggestions for this series?
It really depends on the scene, but I do have a couple playlists on my blog for Savor and Chaos Right now I am listening to the same song over, and over, and over while working on one of my side projects.

5)   Do your characters do what you tell them to or do you find they argue back? Heck no! In fact, they are the most stubborn people I know lol There are times when Claire is a giant pain in the bum, but I love her anyway because she is so strong willed.

6)   How do you choose your names when writing? Do they just come to you or do they have special meaning?
Oddly enough, the names can be some of the hardest things for me to decide on. I can waste a lot of hours searching the internet for a name that sparks something inside me. Or I pick names from people I've known, movies, tv shows and sometimes even computer games. Yes, I'm that big of a nerd!

7)   Who designs your book covers? Because they are amazing!
Aww thank you! I just love them Robin Ludwig has done all the covers for my WD series, and the cover for Released. Najla Qamber designed the cover for Chaos, as well as the cover for my newest book, Falling From Eternity.

8)   Can you give us any hints for book 3?
Hmm...what can I tell ya without giving away anything?? lol Tons of things happen in book 3, and it's the longest book I've ever written! I can say that there are some twists and turns, blossoming love connections, lots of kissing, some awesome fights AND lots of surprises! ;o)

9)   Who or what inspires you the most?
First and foremost there are some amazing indie friends of mine that truly inspire me, and whenever I hear from a reader it makes me fall in love with writing all over again. There is no way I could have been able to do this for so long without my fans, friends and family.

10)         If you could pick one of your characters from any of your books to go hang out with for the day. Who would you pick and why?
hehe That's a very dangerous question. If I pick Arrick, then my hubby might be a lil upset about that lol so, I would say I'll go with Robin.
She's so positive, and upbeat that I know she could make even the crummiest day an awesome one! 

Thanks Megan! Awesome answers. Really appreciate your time on this post. :D

Now onto the Giveaway, Megan has kindly offered 2 people an exclusive keychain. 

Designed with the covers of her books I think these are so awesome!!! If I could have them all for myself I would be happy, but it's you lucky people that get to have one of them.

So that's 2 winners who will get to choose 1 of the above designs. You lucky people. :D

All you have to do is comment below with which design you would like. 

Rules are:
- you must be a follower of this blog
- contest open internationally
- opens 2nd January 2013
- ends 9th January 2013
- comment below on your favourite design.
- Prize - 1 Keychain each for 2 winners

Good Luck!!!!

Come back tomorrow for my next pick of 2012.

Don't forget you can win one of the featured books from any of the days if you go to the 'Introduction post', any time during the duration of this feature (1st - 14th Jan) Earn extra entries for spreading the news.


Beth said...

Thanks for the contest! Falling From Eternity sounds good.

Unknown said...

I agree with Beth, The Falling From Enternity Chain is beautiful

barmybex said...

awesome choice, it does have a beauty about it.

Good luck to both of you. :D

barmybex said...

Congrats, you two both get a Keychain.
Beth I have messaged you on your blog, but Lola I can't get a link to contact you, please either message me back here or send me an email with your contact details.

colourfulchatterbox said...

These books do sound like the kinda books I would like :) I can't believe I haven't heard of her before :)

The chaos keychain looks pretty awesome, do I still have a chance to win one?

barmybex said...

No problem. Consider yourself entered!