Sunday 6 January 2013

Top 12 of 2012: 5 Derek Landy

Welcome to day 5 of my Top 12

The author I am featuring today is one of those authors that I drop everything for. If a book comes out by him I immediately race out and buy a copy then hibernate with it until I'm done. I've stalked him online and in real life. And am happy to call myself one of his 'minions'

His books are just incredible and I can't get enough of them.
I am of course talking about the one. the only. Derek Landy
Derek Landy

Book 1 - Skulduggery Pleasant
Book 2 - Playing with Fire
Book 3 - The Faceless Ones
Book 4 - Dark Days
Book 5 - Mortal Coil
Book 6 - Death Bringer
Book 7 - Kingdom of the Wicked

Welcome to the world of Skulduggery Pleasant. If you choose to stay you will be faced with magic, mystery, sarcastic humour and kick ass characters.

Theses books are pure genius, they combine the most awesome characters ever with nail-biting adventures that will clue you to your seat and humour to make you laugh out loud.

So let me introduce you to some of them.
(pictures taken from Official Website -

Skulduggery Pleasant

The main man himself.
Meet Skuldugery Pleasant, crime fighting Detective with a quick wit, a Bentley oh and in case you didn't notice he's a skeleton!

But don't panic - he's one of the good guys. :D
Valkyrie Cain

Meet Stephanie Edgely or should I say Valkyrie Cain. Teenager turned crime fighter and Skulduggery's detective partner. 
She may look innocent, but she's got a mean fighting instinct, and doesn't really have time to hang around and chat.

Ghastly Bespoke

Meet Ghastly Bespoke. He may look, well Ghastly but if you want an awesome suit made, he's the one to go to. Renowned Tailor and handy with Elemental Magic this guy is not to be messed with. But again, don't be scared - he's a good guy!!!

There are so many others that will just make you go WOW, China Sorrows, Tanith Low, Solomon Wreath, Dr Nye. A whole host of awesomeness.

These books are the sort of books that once you have read them you will want to re-read them again and again, yet the world will always stay with you.
I have recommended these books to so many people and even did a Display at work for them. (I tried to find the picture I took of it but I can't, must be on the Library's camera.)

2012 saw the release of 'Kingdom of the Wicked' which I got immediately and read through like a maniac. There was never any doubt that it would be in my Best of 2012 selection. Derek Landy is now working on book 8 in the series along with a Novella based on Tanith Low. I cannot wait for that.
(Me with Derek Landy in the Bookshop when I met him and he signed all my books!!! Funny pose was compulsory)

 I'm going to finish up the post here otherwise I will just keep going on about how much I love this series. So it's better for you to find out yourselves, so what are you waiting for. Grab a copy and get reading!!!!!

So basically, if you haven't read these books yet, you are missing out on something truly EPIC

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Come back tomorrow for my next pick of 2012.

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