Sunday 21 August 2011

Book Review - Dragon's Breath

Title: Dragon's Breath
Author: E.D Baker
Series: Frog Princess (book 2)
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Release Date: 3 Nov 2003
ISBN-13: 978-0747563402

Emma and Eadric have no sooner turned back into humans (from being frogs) than Emma's mother is in a panic, Aunt Grassina is distracted because she's found her true love turned into an otter, and Emma's magic is so out of control she sends herself to the dungeon by mistake. The neighboring kingdom has chosen this moment to attack, and if Emma can't get Grassina's mind back on protecting the kingdom, life as they know it in Greater Greensward will be in peril. From underwater sea monsters to fire-breathing dragons, this witty pair of young friends manages to sweet-talk, cajole, and race their way to victory. But when it looks as if everything will finally work out, disaster strikes, and Emma finds that magic is not enough-it takes real bravery and a strong, new friendship to succeed. 

My Review
Emma and Eadric are humans again and must help Grassina to get her true love back. Haywood was turned into an otter years before by Grassina's mother. She didn't think he wasa  suitable suitor for her daughter so thought this was the best way to get rid of him. She made the recipe for the cure deliberately difficult so he wouldn't be able to turn back. But now Grassina has found him again she is determined not to let him go. So with Emma and Eadric's help they set off to find four magical items needed to turn him back.
This book seemed slightly slower than the first, it was more detailed and deeper explained. There was a lot of back story involving the curse and Grassina's mother which was quite detailed and slowed the pace of the story quite a bit.
Eadric seems to do nothing but eat and whine in this one. But Emma goes from strength to strength. I liked her a lot more in this book. There was a lot of action scenes and exciting twists but they were in between the slower parts so the book just seemed to drag a little bit. 
However saying that it is only 292 pages so it still didn't take me that long and overall the plot line was good. I love the devotion between Haywood and Grassina, and the twist at the end was very good.
Overall it is still a good book and worth a read, it's just a bit slow in places. You may find yourself skimming bits.

My Rating
I would give this book 7/10. Good storyline but a little bit slow in places.  

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