Tuesday 16 August 2011

Book Review - Forbidden Embrace

Title: Forbidden Embrace
Author: Charlotte Blackwell
Series: Embrace (book 2)
Publisher: World Castle Publishing
Release Date: 1st September  2011
ISBN13: 9781937085520

Just when Sophia Pierce thinks her eternal life will be happy and peaceful, something else happens to turn it upside down. With rogue vampire approaching the town she has learned to call home, the Pierce family must prepare for battle. With some magickal help will they be able to save Wenham?

Even more trouble arises when Danika, the newest vampire of the family decides this might not be the right place for her. The Pierce family has already lost one love, Caspian, when he felt he was no longer worthy of their family name. Will Danika follow his footsteps and will he be able to save her from a fate far worse than his own?

My Review
I was given book 1 to review by the author back in May and I loved it, since then I have followed Charlotte on her blog and pestered her about book 2. (thanks for putting up with my hinting Charlotte) Therefore I was so excited when I got an email from Charlotte with book 2. I could not wait to get stuck into this series again and literally squealed when I opened the email.
The book follows on from the first, and I was immediately back into the world. It was like meeting up with old friends.
This book is really fast paced and exciting. Sophia and Danika are still having issues and things go from bad to worse. Danika runs away and causes all sorts of problems. There is also a massive battle looming from a rival vampire clan the Cerberus and a character makes a reappearance.
I read this really quickly and couldn't stop. I even stayed up late tonight to finish it. The characters develop more in this book and you also learn more about their history and origins. I love the vampire lore and magic study.
You see a whole new side to Danika and Sophia opens up more too. She was quite guarded in the first book but she is learning to trust her friends and family more.
Nathaniel is such a sweetheart, so understanding and accepting of Sophia. If only all boys were like that. 
It was good to see more of Ebony and Eliza too, the young witches are really coming into their own and I hope we see more of them in the next book.
This really is a series that I would recommend you check out.

My Rating
I would give this book 9/10. Fun, thrilling, breath taking and original.   


Lan said...

Haven't heard of this series before but looks like you really enjoyed them. How much more fun is it when the author has a blog! Especially if you get books out of them.

Charlotte Blackwell said...

Thanks for the amazing review Becky. Also Hi Lan, stop by and say hi sometime :)