Monday 1 August 2011

R.A.K August

Vanessa and Isalys from Book Soulmates have created an awesome new programme, called the Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)! Do you want to do something nice for a fellow blogger? You might even get something back in return!

To celebrate the first six months of RAK the gals at Book Soulmates also decided to host a giveaway for all participants this month.
What you can win? A $20,00 Amazon GC.
So head on over and sign up for some RAKish goodness!
For rules and more info on how RAK works head over to their blog

My Wishlist is HERE at amazon.
I will happily accept old, used, or new books but I cannot accept e-books as I don't have an e-reader.
It's my Birthday this month so I'm hoping to get some lovely books as presents.

Thanks everyone.

1 comment:

Mimi Valentine said...

That sounds so awesome!

We used to do something like that in school where everyone would start out with one business card thing, and whenever they did a random act of kindness to someone, they would initial their name on the card and pass it on. By the end of the day, each card would be filled with initials! :)

Aren't random acts of kindness the best?

I think I might participate next month!