Friday 9 September 2011

Bk Blgr Hop: Sept 9th-12th & FF (34) & TGIF (17)

Book Blogger Hop 
 Blogger Hop is hosted by Crazy-for-Books and is an awesome way to for book bloggers to interact and find each other. Such a wonderful idea! There's a new question every week that all the participating blogs have to answer.

This week's question is:
“Many of us primarily read one genre of books, with others sprinkled in. If authors stopped writing that genre, what genre would you start reading? Or would you give up reading completely if you couldn’t read that genre anymore?”

My Answer: I mainly read YA Paranormal, but I also read contemporary, Dystopian, and then Adult Chic Lit. So if YA paranormal stopped as a genre, I would have plenty to fall back on. I'm pretty adaptable anyway.

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This week's question feature is from
Holjo (Pedantic Phooka)

Q. Have you ever wanted a villain to win at the end of a story?  If so, which one??

My Answer: I can't think of anyone at the moment. I've had a few books where I've felt a bit for the villain, but I like the heroes to win.


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This Friday's Question:

Books to Television: Which books would you love 
to see made in to a TV series? or movie?

My Answer: So many of them!!! I want Skulduggery Pleasant to be made into a movie. I would like to see Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampires books turned into a TV series or movie. That would be AWESOME.  Divergent by Veronica Roth would make one hell of a movie.



Happy Hopping, have a great weekend everyone!!! 



Lan said...

LOL. No answer is a popular answer tonight!

My FF post: The Write Obsession

While you're there don't forget to enter by Wolfborn giveaway!

tthepageturner said...

Me too! I love it when the good guys win! ;)

- New follower

barmybex said...

hehe, it's a tough one!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :D

nymfaux said...

Hi!--New follower!

Agree! Love the good guys!--Or that is, I *usually* root for the good guy, but I've been reading A Game of Thrones, and as much as I <3 the Starks, I can't help but root for Tyrion!--It's not his fault he was born a Lannister!

Have a great weekend!


JessiM said...

Ooo...I totally have to agree that the Morganville Vampires would make a fabulous TV series! Great choice!

Jessi @ Reading in the Corner
(new follower!)

Annette Mills said...

I mentioned Divergent too, although I always set my expectations very low, when it comes to movies... I'd still like to see it, though.

Maya said...

Skulduggery! How did I not think of that?! Great choice!

barmybex said...

nymfaux - I haven't read Game of Thrones, heard mixed reviews but I can feel your enthusiasm. :D

Thanks Jessi

Annette - I always have reservations about films, but some could be good.

Maya - Skulduggery is the best!!! :P

Sarah (The Book Life) said...

I can't think of any villians I'd want to win either, but I definitely agree that Morganville would make an awesome TV series!

New follower :0)

My Follow Friday

Sarah @ The Book Life

Howard Sherman said...

Please don’t be shocked but this week I’ve got a straightforward, cut and dried answer to this week’s question... for a change!

Root for villains? No way, no how. Why am I being so narrow minded? Follow me back to my blog and find out why –

Thank God it’s Follow Friday!

Howard A. Sherman, Implementor
Get Inside a Story

Emma Michaels said...

I am a follower!
I hope you will stop by The Writers Voice! It is my new group author blog and posts start tomorrow!

Emma Michaels

TG said...

Hiya, new follower.

I'm with you on the FF. I've never wanted a villain to completely win but sometimes I hope their end isn't too terrible.

barmybex said...

Thanks Emma and TG. I'll stop by your blogs now. :D