Monday 12 September 2011

Book Review - Ready or Not

Title: Ready Or Not
Author: Meg Cabot
Series: All American Girl (book 2)
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
Release Date: 6 Oct 2006
ISBN-13: 978-0330438346

Everyone thinks Sam Madison - who last year saved the President's life - is ready.
Her art teacher thinks she's ready to draw naked people. The president thinks she's ready to introduce his most controversial bill live on MTV. And scariest of all, Sam's boyfriend David - the president's son - seems to think they're ready to Do It!
The only person who isn't sure she's ready is Sam herself. But somehow she's going to have to give everyone - and especially David - an answer. Ready or not. 

My Review
I am making my way through all of Meg Cabot's books and I have really liked most of them. I read book 1 in this series last year and quite liked it, my friend had this one and I asked her if I could have it when she was done. 
I was looking forward to reading it and sat down to read. I finished the book in less than 2 hours but I had mixed feelings about it.
Sam is a fairly likeable character. She has strong beliefs about right and wrong but isn't sure how to put her voice out there, I liked her more in book one, she seems less sure of herself in this one. I love David - he is such a sweetheart, really kind and considerate and so thoughtful.
This book is an easy and light read, it tackles a fairly sensitive subject - it is literally about sex, the whole storyline is based around whether or not Sam is ready. Whereas I admire Meg for tackling such a risky subject and she does get some important information across, but i think she pushes it a bit far. It seems to me that Sam gives up all her morals and beliefs so she can 'do it'. There were some moments when Cabot could have pulled it back and lived up to what I thought Sam would do, instead she made Sam cave to pressure. I was disappointed. She also makes out that sex is not that important and that once you've 'done it' nothing will change and your world will move on as normal - nothing will change in your relationship. 
I think this book gives out a bit of a dodgy message. I'm not a prude I know sex happens, and that teenagers think about it and want to read things that will explain things a bit more, but this goes slightly too far for me. Although there are no graphic scenes - it still doesn't leave much to the imagination.
The book is redeemed slightly with the Lucy/Harold storyline and the fact that there are some important facts slipped in.
If you're a parent - be  careful that you don't give this to younger teens - it really is not suitable.

My Rating
I would give this book 4.5/10. Disappointing, not at all what I expected from Cabot. 


Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I don't think I would like this either. Certain messages really bother me.

barmybex said...

I know what you mean, there are some things that just shouldn't be said.