Saturday 17 September 2011

It's A Book!!!

I know if you follow this blog you most like read YA novels. It's what I mainly read and blog about. But I've found something I HAVE to share with you.

As you may or may not know, I work in a public library. We have a fabulous children's section and get in some great books. We had a box of new Picture Books in and if one looks eye catching I'll flick through it. All the staff do this and I'm often given one to read by my colleagues.
This one in particular caught our eye:

Pretty simple cover I know, but it called to us. My friend Kirsty told me I had to sit and read it and I laughed out loud. It is just what we need in today's society.
It brings the message of what a book is actually for, in a world of technology, books can get left behind and this brings a magic back into it.

It is filled with sarcastic humour and quick wit. Of course as a picture book it is short, but so funny. It definitely has an underlying humour aimed at parents. And we were laughing so hard at it.
This book got passed around everyone that works at the library and we even passed it to some customers.
Try and get hold of a copy - I promise you will laugh out loud. It is fantastic. I have actually ordered a copy off Amazon so I can keep it and show it to my children when I have them in the future.

I urge you to read it, let me know if you get hold of it and if you loved it as much as me. :D


Michelle Flick said...

the last line is the best line ever!

barmybex said...

It really is!!! :D