Sunday 18 September 2011

Great Bargains!!!

There is a shop near where I live called 'The Works' it sells a wide variety of books at discount prices. I try to go in there whenever I pass as they have quite a fast turn around of stock.

I went into Milton Keynes shopping centre today and went for a look.

I got some great bargains. Here's what I found:

Department 19 by Will Hill.
for £2.99!!! It's a Hardback copy too.

I was surprised to see this in there as it's so new and still really popular. Minutes before I was looking at it in Waterstones debating whether or not to buy it (at £7.99). I'm glad I waited. I couldn't believe it was in 'The Works' and so cheap!

I then came across a big wall full of books all labelled '3 for £5'. There was so many good books, but as I am a bit short of money at the moment I limited myself to just one set.
I found 'Delirium' by Lauren Oliver (I have wanted to read this for ages!) There was also a copy of Mary Poppins - the original story - I have seen the film so many times, but never read it! and then they had 'Thirst' book 3 by Christopher Pike. I haven't read book 1 or 2, I haven't even seen them, but it sounded good and at that price I wasn't arguing.

Are these great bargains or what. I LOVE this shop!!!

Last time I went I also found a whole bay of Rachel Caine books. Again all were marked at 3 for £5. They had most of the Morgaville Vampire books (but I've already got them from there a few months earlier.) I then noticed the 'Weather Warden' books. They had 1-8 - so all but the newest one. Of course I couldn't resist. I already owned number 1 & 2, so this worked well giving me number 3-8 all for £10!
They still had them in there today if anyone has a local store they can visit, it's definitely worth it.

They had a variety of books from Children's to YA to Adult. They had P.C Cast, Skulduggery Pleasant, M.C. Beaton, Nora Robets, Terry Goodkind and so many more. It really is a great shop.


Michelle @ Much Loved Books said...

I need to find a works where I live, I think there is one in the city centre but not too sure, you have got some really great books from there, and a lot of them are ones I like too. :D

barmybex said...

Hope you find one and get some good bargains.;D

Lan said...

Wow those are some great bargains! I'm so jealous. Most of the discount book stores where I live only have very obscure books that don't seem too interesting.

Connor Keating said...

Wow! These really are bargains! I'll check my balance and download all these books ASAP. Thanks!