Monday 3 October 2011

Book Review - Lula Does The Hula

Title: Lula Does The Hula
Author: Samantha Mackintosh
Series: Lula (book 2)
Publisher: Egmont Books Ltd
Release Date: 6 Jun 2011
ISBN-13: 978-1405256537

Aloha! I'm Talullah Bird - or Tatty, or Lu. But mostly people call me Lula. So, my big news is...I've finally been kissed. Eeeee! I have an actual, factual boyfriend! At least, I thought I did. But things with the perfect boy aren't going to plan - thanks to his journo gal pal, Evil Jazz. And that's not all. Hoooo no. In a few days I've got to dance the hula in public, put a stop to some seriously serious criminal activity, win a race, and stop Dad from shaming me totally with his weirdiness. Frikkly frik! Where is my normal life? Huh? Where? Please, someone, tell me I'm not jinxed forever...
My Review
I picked up this book originally and thought it sounded funny, then realised it was book 2 in the series and had to go back and read book 1 first. That didn't take me long and I dived straight into this one.
Lula is back and still as mad as ever, she's been kissed! Finally! but rumours of her jinx are still everywhere, Lula must try to prove that she isn't a walking hazard and she can have a sensible relationship, but that's very hard when her boyfriend is being chased by the evil Jazz. ON top of that a strange mystery plagues the town, 2 people go missing and wildlife starts dying. Lula decides she wants to find out who and what is behind everything, but she soon finds herself in danger.
It's great to see Lula again, she is still crazy and made me laugh out loud at times. 
This book actually surprised me, I expected a light hearted, funny read, typical girly teen diary, but this book has much more. It actually ends up as a bit of a crime/murder mystery. I loved the suspense throughout and trying to guess who was behind everything. 
Mr K is my favourite, he is Lula's next door neighbour and although he is over 70, he's sharp as a knife and up for anything, helping Lula solve the crime.
Jack is a lovely boyfriend, but very dense a lot of the time. There were occasions when I wanted to slap him and say 'wake up you moron!'
Arns is still my favourite and I was happy to see him still feature so much.
I enjoyed this book so much more than book 1. The story seemed to flow a lot better and I was really into the whole mystery. I laughed more and it left me wanting more.

My Rating
I would give this book 9/10. Funny and sassy, mysterious and quirky. A great quick read. 

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