Thursday 27 October 2011

Design Request Help - Please Read.

I want some icons designing and I'm not sure who to ask to make them for me, so I figured I would do a shout out here. If any of you are designers or know reliable ones please leave me a comment.

Here is what I want:

I want 5 images making - as my new 'Rating' system. All featuring a cartoon image of me (Something similar to this Sim I created would be good.) Doesn't have to be exact likeness, just a blonde girl really.

I want to focus on emotion - what the book made me feel, so the expressions will be important - here is a rough outline of my ideas.

-  'Loved It - On my Shelves Forever!' So I would like me hugging a book tight (like bear hug)  in front of some shelves, with a huge smile on my face.

- 'Really Enjoyed It' So I would like me holding a book in one hand and doing a 'thumbs up' with the other

- 'Was OK, Not Sure I Would Read It Again' So I would like me walking into a library with the 'returns' section sign up. but still smiling - looking satisfied (glad I read it, but wouldn't read it again)

- 'Just Managed to Finish It, But Didn't Enjoy It' so I would like me lying back on a big comfy chair (like an arm chair) dropping the book out of my hand with a look of exhaustion on my face.

- 'Couldn't Finish It' so i would like me sitting at a desk, but with ruffled hair and looking worn out and miserable- like i've worked hard, tried my best but just couldn't do anymore. Pushing the book away from me.

I hope they make sense, I sort of have an idea what I want but it's hard to get across the emotion. - But this is what I'm going for - an emotion i felt for the book rather than a number grade.
Some books make me smile like crazy and i love them, but technically they weren't that good, which is why number ratings are so harsh.
any constructive feedback welcome - do you like the sound of these or do you prefer the number ratings?

If you can help, or know someone that can help - please let me know.

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