Sunday 1 January 2012

2012 Challenges

I signed up to Five challenges last year but only completed three of them.

This year I am signing up to FOUR different challenges, and I'm hoping to complete them all.

So first up is:

This challenge is hosted by 'My Overstuffed Bookshelf'. She hosted the 100+ Challenge last year and I passed that easily so glad she increased it to 150. Self explanatory really - read 150 or more books within the year. Hoping to do even more than that but it's a good goal.

Next up is:
This challenge is hosted by 'Gripped Into Books'. The idea is to read one book for every letter of the alphabet - so 26 in total over the year. I did one similar to this last year called the 'A-Z' challenge and i did 23/26. Hoping to fill it this year.

Next up is:

This challenge is hosted by 'Annette's Book Spot' the idea of this challenge is to clear all those books you have sitting round that are short enough to be read in a day.
Level 1 - Read 15 books
Level 2 - Read 25 books
Level 3 - Read 35 books
Level 4 - Read 50+ books
I've signed up for Level 1 so far, but I think I can increase this as I go. 

The last challenge I have:

This challenge is hosted by 'Name Reading' The idea of this challenge is to spell out your name (real or blog) and then read a book that starts with each letter of your name.
I am going to use my screen name for this challenge 'Barmy Bex' so this gives me 8 books to read for this, (might struggle with the 'x' though)

You can sign up to any of these challenges throughout the year, and I can use any of the books I read in all of them - cross overs so thats good.
Wish me luck and check my progress under the 'TBR pile & Challenges' page tab in my blog.

Happy 2012 and Good luck.
What challenges are you taking part in?

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Precious said...

Hi Becky! Goodluck with the challenges! I just joined YA Historical Challenge, Dystopian Challenged & Debut Author Challenge for this year! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog!