Friday 20 January 2012

Book Review - Devoted

Title: Devoted
Author: Hilary Duff
Series: Elixir (book 2)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Childrens Books
Release Date: 29 Sep 2011
ISBN-13: 978-0857071514


Since Sage was kidnapped, Clea has no way of knowing if he is alive or dead. And even though she has only just discovered they were soulmates, she feels like a part of her is lost forever. What’s worse, she can’t even turn to her best friend Ben—because every time she looks at him, all she sees is his betrayal.
But waiting for something to happen is not an option, so Clea is ready for action. Suffering through dreams of seeing Sage with another woman, she makes an uneasy alliance with Sage’s enemies and sets out to be reunited with this life or the next.

My Review
I finished book one pleasantly surprised and eager to know more, I had to wait until I could get back to the library to get this one and I couldn't wait. Thinking of book 1 and looking at this one I thought I would be finished by the next night, could easily read it in a day, but for some reason it's taken me 5 days. I just wasn't that interested, I wouldn't be desperate to grab it. Something about it just didn't feel right.
I still liked Clea as a character but she is more obsessive and needy in this book and at points it got annoying, she would moan that Sage was gone and was clearly in danger but she wouldn't do much about it other than moan that she didn't know how to find him.
Ben has become distant and instead of the cheeky, funny, loyal friend, he becomes a bit of an arrogant a**. I missed the pairs easy banter and friendship. 
Sage doesn't really feature much in this book, he is mentioned a lot but hardly ever 'seen' and when he is it's only a couple of pages. I wanted more from him, I liked his easy-going, self-assured behavior in the first book and the easy way he interacted with Clea.
We are also introduced to another family of Immortals, but after so many years they aren't much more than spirits. I was really confused by what exactly they were and how it all worked. I just couldn't fathom it until at least half way through.
I'm making it sound like I hated it, I didn't it was still an okay story, the plot idea was good and i liked the involvement of 'Cursed Vengeance' and the introduction to Nico, woah Nico! there were moments when the book really picked up and I would be engrossed then the chapter would end and the scene would shift and I would be out again.
The book doesn't have a proper ending, it is clearly set for another part and I am curious enough to want to read it. I want to know what happens, but fear I will have to wait to know which is extra frustrating.
There is potential in this book but I just felt like something was missing. If you enjoyed the first book or am a Duff fan, I would recommend reading it, but I'm hoping the next book picks up again.

My Rating

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