Sunday 1 January 2012

New Rating System

I used to mark each book out of 10 but found that difficult to judge as of course each book is different and I liked them all for different reasons. I realized I was judging the books more on how they made me feel. This made me think how I could summarize them and I have got a new system to reflect that.

Each review will end with one of the following pictures as the 'Rating', here I explain in detail what each of them stand for, although they should be pretty self explanatory, so here goes:

This will be used for the books that take my breath away, the ones I will keep my on my shelves forever and re-read multiple times, The ones that make my heart race and beg for more. The best of the best

This will be the one that I think will get used the most. It will be for the books that hooked me in and made me want more, The ones I would recommend to others and really liked but didn't quite make it to the ultimate stage.

This will be for the books that I didn't love but didn't hate. The ones that I was quite happy reading but could live without in the future. One time reads.

This will be for the books that I have to plod through to finish, I hate giving up on books. These are ones that I am not really enjoying at all but am making myself finish. They usually have at least one redeeming thing about them to make me                                                                                          keep going but nothing more.

This is for the very few books that I just cannot even force myself to finish. There have only been a couple in my life and hope this won't get used much.

I have created a page with this information on so it can be looked at and referenced to quickly if needed/wanted. 
What do you think? Better than the marks out of 10 or worse? I need feedback on this. Thank you and Happy New Year.


Celeste said...

Love the new rating system. :)

barmybex said...