Sunday 8 January 2012

Book Review - Twilight Tales

Title: Twilight Tales: A Collection of Chilling Poems
Author: J.T Holden
Publisher: Kuro Books
Release Date: 4 Oct 2011

A chilling collection of rhyming poetry perfect for Halloween...or any other dark and spooky night. From the creepy jingles of Shadows in Nursery and the eerie angst of The Darkening 'Tweens to the malevolently poetic odes of Medieval Maladies and the sweeping chillers of The Epic Tales, J.T. Holden’s "Twilight Tales" offers a deliciously wicked mix of frightening fare!

[Some content my be too intense for younger readers.]

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 My Review

 I was contacted by the author asking me to review this book, at first I will admit I turned it down, but agreed to read and review his 'Lost Rhymes of Wonderland', the author decided he might as well send both through so I ended up getting this one too, and I have to say I'm pleased he did.
I originally turned it down because I am a wimp and I don't like scary or spooky reads, and these sounded a little bit too dark for me and I'm not a huge fan of poetry anyway.
A couple of the poems were quite dark and made me shiver but most of them were only slightly creepy and I actually found myself enjoying it.
I love the illustrations, first the simple yet effective cover then the pages of illustrations included inside. 
My favourite poems are 'Little Grey', and 'Bell, Book & Candle'. 'Mikey' was chilling but strangely captivating.
One of them is set out like a riddle - 'For Agatha', I still can't figure it out, the last line says "With all flames snuffed, you have enough to say which of the ten
Put out the lights upon this night - if not, pray, read again."
I must have read it five times and I still can't figure it out. I must be being slow, I will figure it out!

The poems read with a nice flow and have a great rhythm to them, the poem inside vary in length from short to full stories - a couple of pages long. Some influences are clear in this book, Poe is clearly one, some of the poems have a similar feel to them. If you like spooky reads and spine chilling moments then you will enjoy this book. 

My Rating

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