Friday 10 February 2012

25% Off Gone Reading

Gone Reading International LLC, a philanthropic enterprise founded in 2011, markets a line of products for readers and book lovers under the GoneReading brand name. The company donates 100% of after-tax profits to fund new reading libraries in the developing world.
Our current product offering includes bookish t-shirts for women and men, book lights for printed books and eReaders, book club giftslibrary-themed gifts and more.  Our product line is expanding quickly, so check back often!

They have some fantastic products on their website. They ship to US, UK, Canada & Australia (though UK, Australia & Canada are more expensive). Just for you, my followers, I have a coupon for you your purchases. The coupon expires one month from today (10th Feb - 10th Mar) and is good for 25%off any purchases at except on bookends.

I have been looking through their products and really want some of the t-shirts, here's some of my favourites:

Cool, huh? They have lots of other great items too, so make sure you check out the website, it's for a great project too.

So here is the coupon code: BECKYBBB25

It can be used for mulitple people, so all my followers can benefit! :D

Enjoy and happy shopping. 

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