Wednesday 8 February 2012

Book Review - Z.Rex

Title: Z.Rex
Author: Steve Cole
Series: Z.Rex (book 1)
Publisher: Red Fox
Release Date: 2 Sep 2010
ISBN-13: 978-1862307773

You’re 14 and find yourself on your own. Your father, who has developed the world’s cutting edge research on virtual electronic game-playing, has been missing for weeks. And suddenly you’re being hunted by men with guns, your picture is on the news, and, worst of all, something seemingly impossible is chasing you—a savage, man-eating dinosaur. How can that be? Why is everyone trying to capture you? And what is your strange connection with this 21st-century prehistoric monster?

My Review
At the library we are going to be getting an author visit from Steve Cole, I always believe that if you are going to meet an author you should at least read one of their books, so I picked this one off the shelves.
Adam is 14, his dad works for a computer design company, when he gets a new company to pay for his research he leaves for a couple of days, but when he doesn't return Adam starts to worry, then he gets chased by men with guns who clearly mean to hurt him, but more worrying is the dinosaur chasing him. Who should he be more afraid of?
Z.Rex is a highly intelligent dinosaur, he can talk, write, read and logically think situations through. Paired up with Adam they have to save Dad and find out exactly what is going on.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this book. When I was younger I was mad for dinosaurs so i figured this would be OK. The book starts off really well and gets you right in the action, the scene is set and the characters come to life. 
I actually really liked Z.Rex himself, he doesn't come across as scary, or intimidating which is usually essential for a dinosaur, but I can feel his intelligence and I suppose it makes him feel more human, so you get a connection to him. I was hoping he would make it through and get a happy ending.
Adam is a cool kid, not afraid to go for it, willing to risk himself for his dad and Z. He doesn't give up no matter what and comes up with different ways round things. He has the odd moment of self doubt and weakness (as all humans do) but he always gets back up again. He's a true little action hero in the making.

The plot moves quite fast and there are a lot of twists and turns, there is a lot of question about who Adam can trust which makes you question everyone too. 
I have to admit I actually really enjoyed the book, there were some bits that didn't quite make sense such as the dinosaur having wings. (WHY!?!) But the rest was good.
I read it quite quickly and wanted to know more, I know there is a  sequel so I may have to request that.
This would be perfect for 9-12 year olds, especially boys, a mixture of Jurassic Park, Video Games and adventure.

My Rating

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