Sunday 13 May 2012

Book Review - Infinity

Title: Infinity
Author: Sarah Dessen
Publisher: Puffin
Release Date: 6 May 2010
ISBN-13: 978-0141330778

Lately, I don't dream about Anthony. I dream about the roundabout...'

Sometimes it's hard to make choices and decisions, and to know which way to go. Sarah Dessen's touching short story is all about moving on, choosing where you want to be and finding a way to get there...

My Review
I requested this from the library not knowing anything about it. I'm trying to read all of Dessen's books and this was one more to tick off. When it arrived I was very surprised by how small it was, but was quite happy about the quick read. I guessed it would be about 100 pages, however when I opened it I found that it is a 33 page original short story and then 2 extracts from other books. 
This meant that I had finished teh story in just over 10 minutes, extra quick!
You never find out the name of the protagonist, it's just 'I' and 'Me' throughout, and others just say 'you' or 'her' or 'she', this is quite clever in a way, it makes it more universal, this person could be anyone, could be the reader.
Faced with a very busy multi-lane roundabout, the protagonists mother panics and pulls out, resulting in a minor incident, but also swearing she will never go on that roundabout again, meaning long detours and ridiculous 'short cuts'. Now she is old enough to drive, the main character must decide whether to tackle the roundabout or follow her mum's detours. But it's not just the roundabout she must face. In fact the roundabout is like a metaphor for all the other choices she is now facing in life. It all depends on how you look at it really.
For such a short story it was enjoyable and had a clear message to it. A journey of self-discovery. 
I wouldn't buy it, too short for that, and I didn't bother with the extracts, one for them I had already read and the other I have on my pile to read so I didn't see the point reading the extract when I have the whole book, so for me it's not worth the money, but definitely worth a read at the library. Perfect for all Dessen fans or just someone looking for a nice easy read.

My Rating

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