Saturday 26 May 2012

Fairy Blogger

At the library today we had a 'Fairies Event'.

This included Stories and Crafts. Anyone was welcome to turn up.
We had 16 children turn up and all but about 3 of them were dressed as fairies, a lot of them even had wands.

My colleague Jess and I started by reading a story each. I read 'Poppy's Magic' (Little Fairies) by Sam Walshaw and Jude Irwin, then Jess read 'The Naughtiest Ever Fairies New Friend' by Sam Ward.

We then let the children do some crafts.
They made:
- 'Wands' out of straws and stars cut out of card.
- Fairy Door Mobiles out of a strip of ribbon and then 4 pictures stuck down it. (A Fairy, a Flower, a Palace and a Butterfly) (see photo below for example - in my hand)
- Book marks - designs I had drawn out. One said 'Magic Reads' and had a fairy holding a book on it, one said 'Enchanting Worlds' and had a fairy palace in the clouds on it, and one said 'Fantasy Treasures' and had a rainbow on it.

They also did a Find the Fairies hunt in the library - they had to find 6 pictures and write down what colour each of them were.

The event went really well and there was a lot of noise and laughter and awesome crafts done.

And I did the whole session in costume too - 

I managed to get the rest of the staff wearing wings too but they weren't in full costume and wouldn't have their picture taken.

This post is as promised for you Steve Cole - hope your reading it, and that you like my costume. Sorry you can't see the detail on the wings, but they are covered with cogs and gears and even has a wind-up key on the back.


Celeste said...

That's awesome! My daughter would have loved it. She's always dressing up as a Princess Fairy. LOL

barmybex said...

That's cool, we had lots of little girls in fairy outfits.
We do quite a lot of events like that at our library - does your local library ever do anything like that?

sam walshaw illustration said...

I wrote an illustrated the little fairies. I hope the children enjoyed it? :)

barmybex said...

oh cool, hi Sam!
The children loved it - it's a really sweet book. The pictures are very eye catching so it's easy to keep their attention. :D

sam walshaw illustration said...

I'm so pleased they enjoyed it! :0)