Monday 28 May 2012

Book Review - When Dreams Come True

Title: When Dreams Come True
Author: Rebecca Emin
Release Date: 28th May 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1471092046

Charlie is happiest when biking with Max and Toby, or watching films with Allie. But when Charlie reaches year nine, everything begins to change. As her friends develop new interests, Charlie's dreams become more frequent and vivid, and a family crisis tears her away from her friends. How will Charlie react when old family secrets are revealed? Will her life change completely as some of her dreams start to come true? 

My Review
After reviewing 'New Beginnings' by this author, she got in touch with me again and asked if I would do her second book as well, so I agreed. I recieved a paperback copy in exchange for an honest review.

Charlie is a bit of a Tomboy, happiest when hanging out with her two best friends who happen to be boys, she would rather go bike riding and climbing than shopping. In this respect Charlie reminded me a lot of me. I never had boys for best friends or anything but I always preferred to do something sporty than girly, it was quite refreshing to see this in a book too as most girls you meet are either princesses, fairies or really prissy, unless it's an action book where they are fierce, but this was different, refreshing.
Now Charlie has moved to Upper School though she is discovering a whole new way of looking at the world. Her one friend who is a girl - Allie, has gone totally boy obsessed and seems to change her mind quite often on who she likes, talking constantly about crushes starts to get on Charlie's nerves, then one of her friends - Toby, starts to talk about girls and dates a lot too and it starts to do his head in. Then when Allie decides she likes Toby, and charlie believes her other friend Max likes Allie, she fears being stuck in the middle of a love triangle. Friendships can be put to the test.
Her aunt then gets taken ill and she ends up spending a lot of time at her house with her parents to look after her, giving her the chance to get away, explore and discover secrets.
This book was very sweet and simple, I read it in about 50 minutes. I will say that I didn't really believe the Aunt's illness, it starts as a sprained wrist, then a broken wrist, then some sort of infection that's made her really ill - but it's never explained as to what it is and how it develops. And when she gets out of hospital there is no mention of her broken wrist. Apart from that though, the story was quite good. I liked the mystery of the hidden corridors etc in the old house and the edveloping friendships and relationships between the main characters. 
A nice easy read, good to pass lazy sunny days. Sweet story and good character development. Worth a read.

My Rating


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Thanks for taking the time to review my book! Have a great summer.

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