Monday 2 September 2013

Book Review - Brothers to the Death

Title: Brothers to the Death
Author: Darren Shan
Series: The Larten Crepsley Saga (book 4)
Publisher: HarperCollinsChildren'sBooks
Release Date: 26 April 2012
ISBN-13: 978-0007315963

After years of wandering, Larten has finally found his way back to his vampire family and resumed the vigorous, brutal training to become a General. But there are vampires determined to pull Larten into starting a war that could have global implications and casualties. Vampires who will stop at nothing. Vampires who would betray Larten in the most cutting way.

My Review
Am I too perceptive? Or did the title of this book give the ending away to anyone else. OR was it just me? I mean, how obvious do you want to be? It slightly ruined it for me as it gave away the outcome. I was still intrigued as to how it ends up that way as I always thought they were very close, after all they were 'brothers' in as many ways possible in the vampire world. So I had to wonder how that would all come about, but then THE event happens and I wasn't fooled for a minute. Forget teh Vampaneze and look closer to home. Actually really let the book down for me as I didn't believe Larten's quest as I knew he was on the wrong path. Seriously people, could they not have come up with a different title for this book that didn't spoil at least 50% of the book!!??
 Anyway, this book starts strongly, Larten is back on track and seeming to settle down into his Vampiric way of life, I was seeing more of the man he would turn out to be, but then of course he has to turn away from it all. 
I felt his emotional growth, there was less outbursts of aggression and he stood to face his problems more which I liked, I saw it all coming together more. That aspect I liked. 
But considering this was only about 240 pages there is still a lot of walking and planning, not as much as the previous books but still too much for me. Just get on with it. 
Don't get me wrong, this book was actually well written and probably one of the better ones in the series, but I struggled to keep interest because there was no mystery left, it all comes back to that title for me.
Please say I'm not the only one to connect the dots there?

My Rating

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