Friday 20 September 2013

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SS Book Fantatics

What were some of your favorite picture books as a kid? If you have kids, what are your favorites to read to them?

My Answer: One of my favourites as a child was 'The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear' by Audrey and Don Wood.

I also loved 'Can't You Sleep Little Bear'. Such sweet books, had the entire series. 

There were probably a lot more but htose are the two that stand out in my memory.

Now that I work in the library I get to see so many of the awesome picture books that have been released and there are too many to list that I love, but I will share two of my top picks:

'It's the Bear' by Jez Alborough. - written in rhyme and so cute, a perfect one to read aloud.

'Down by the Cool of the Pool' by Tony Mitton - again it rhymes and it has great actions for kids to join in with. 

There are so many more but I'll leave it there. 

Let me know what your favourites are.


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Johanna said...

Great picks! I don't know any of those unfortunately but they sound really cute.

New follower via Bloglovin and GFC!

This is my Follow Friday!

Unknown said...

Aww I loved Little Bear! I'm a new follower via GFC. Also, my name is also Becky and I also plan to work in a library once I'm out of school. :)

-Becky (my FF)

barmybex said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone. :D

And Hi Becky, it's a great job for sure, go for it. :D

GL Tomas said...

Not at all familiar with your picks but i'll be sure to check them out!

Old follower!

Guinevere & Libertad @ TwinjabookReviews

Unknown said...

These are great picks! I'm not familiar with these but they look like cute stories. I'm a new Bloglovin follower!

Here is mine:

Anonymous said...

There's another Jez Alborough bear book that I LOVE: "Where's My Teddy?" Have you come across it? So good!:

Here's my FF, if you feel like checkin' it out!:

barmybex said...

Thanks everyone. :D

the pookapicks - I have seen that one, there are about 3 in the series in total and I love them all. Jez Alborough as an author is one of my top picks full stop. ;D
But thanks for sharing .