Friday 6 September 2013

Cover Reveal - The Long Road Home

If you have followed my blog for a while you will have heard of Megan Duncan. I have read and reviewed all of her books and I have got to know her as a person and consider her a friend. She is such an awesome author and a really nice person too. I have featured her on my blog in a number of promotions, reveals and guest posts and I am pleased to do another post in her honour today.

Megan Duncan has a new book coming out!!!
It is due to be released on the 8th November 2013 and is a YA Contemporary-Romance. It will be a stand alone novel seperate from her other books and will be called:

The Long Road Home

and here is what it will be about:

SynopsisJenny had always heard the phrase, ‘Home Sweet Home’, but she never really knew what it meant.
Growing up with a neglectful mother who moved her and her brother from town to town, and a father that had been absent all her life she’d never had a place to call home; but she vowed to have one someday.
Jenny had a plan in place, an escape for her and her brother, but when her mother’s bad habits get in the way, Jenny has to decide what she’s willing to sacrifice to save the life she’s always dreamed of.

and here is the cover reveal

Anyone else excited? 

I always get super excited when I see a new book by Megan and this is no exception.
If you can't wait for this book to come out, try one of her other books (or all of them)

Here's some links you might need:
Twitter: @MeganSDuncan
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