Saturday 18 December 2010

Book Review - Shiver

Grace is fascinated by the wolves in the woods behind her house; one yellow-eyed wolf in particular. Every winter, she watches him but every summer, he disappears. Sam leads two lives. In winter he stays in the frozen woods, with the protection of the pack.n summer, he has a few precious months to be human . . . until the cold makes him shift back again. When Grace and Sam finally meet they realize they can't bear to be apart. But as winter nears, Sam must fight to stay human - or risk losing himself, and Grace, for ever 

My Review
I had heard a lot of good reviews about this book and seen it on the shelves at work and so had to pick it up. This was a few months ago now, but as part of 'First Come Second Served' Month, i wanted to read Linger, and so felt a re-read of Shiver would be a good idea.
This is the ultimate Love story, Grace loves to watch the wolves, one wolf in particular stands out, she spends her days watching for the wolves.
Sam is that wolf and spends his days watching Grace from the edge of the woods at the back of her house. They are separated in a way they cannot control, and both wonder if they would ever be able to be together.
When Grace meets Sam, a nice young boy with striking yellow eyes that look really familar, she falls in love. The pair fall into a whirlwind romance, counting down the days until they will be cruelly pulled apart, but as winter draws in, Sam tries to stay himself, and stay with Grace, his true love.
I loved this book, it is well written and fast paced, i like how it switches between Grace and Sam's point of view. I really get a feel for the characters and find myself hoping with them, wishing they will find a way to make it work.
i found Grace a little hard to get along with at first, she is so obsessed by the wolves, but rarely shows emotion about anything else, whereas her friend Rachel is totally hyper, but the more you learn about her, the more i understood why she would be that way.
This book has a host of great characters, i love Olivia and her free spirit, Jack is the guy you love to hate, and all the wolves personalities are great. I loved the idea of weather controlling a wolves shift and not the moon or any of the traditional legends, it was totally believable and rather enticing.
The plot is exciting and i never got bored, even reading it for the second time, i still felt interested and drawn in.
A great book to read, and i would highly recommend it, once i had finished, i could not wait to grab Linger, in fact it took me about two minutes to have it in my hands. 

My Rating
i would give this book 9.5/10 a must read!

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