Monday 5 September 2011

Book Review - Skulduggery Pleasant Death Bringer

Title: Death Bringer
Author: Derek Landy
Series: Skulduggery Pleasant (book 6)
Publisher: Harper Collins Children's Books
Release Date: 1 Sep 2011 
ISBN-13: 978-0007326020

Think you've seen anything yet? You haven't. Because the Death Bringer is about to rise! The Necromancers no longer need Valkyrie to be their Death Bringer, and that's a Good Thing. There's just one catch. There's a reason the Necromancers don't need her any more. And that's because they've found their Death Bringer already, the person who will dissolve the doors between life and death. And that's a very, very Bad Thing! 

My Review
602 pages of pure awesomeness!!!!!!! OK, let me calm down and breath....

..... OK, I'm calm. Well, reasonably. :D  Skulduggery Pleasant is back and suddenly I can't stop smiling, Derek Landy's wit is fabulous, there are plenty of laugh out loud moments where I was giggling like a complete lunactic - but as one of my favourite quotes from the book says "Embrace your inner lunatic. Fun times guaranteed." (Page 393)
There are some shocking revelations in this book, some I sort of saw coming others I was astounded by. I love that previously smaller 2D characters are starting to come to life and become more 3D especially Fergus.
I did miss Tanith in this book, it's not quite the same without her, but the story is so action packed and exciting it doesn't linger or cause any problems. 
I felt my heart go out to Fletcher and China in this book, I could see where they were coming from and could see their side of the story. Valkyrie is her usual a* kicking self and I love how she is growing up. 
This book is literally one of the best I have read this year, this series just keeps wooping b**t. 
I cannot wait to meet Derek Landy on Friday, he may be shocked by the excited squeals. I will try not to act like a psycho fan girl.
A must read. If you haven't read the rest of the series, I suggest you go out, get a copy of all 6 of the books and then come back and lock yourself in your room. You will laugh, cry, squeal, gasp, scream, giggle and everything else you can think off. You will come out, only able to say one word - WOW! 
They are really easy reads, the writing flows at a great pace and the story pulls you in, mixed with the wit and action you fly through. 

My Rating
I would give this 10/10. An read of EPIC proportions. Magic, mayhem and Mystery. Awesome fight scenes and laugh out loud humour.What are you waiting for??    


Unknown said...

I can see by your review that you didn't just like this, you LOVED it! Haha. I've been thinking about reading it for a while now. After your review I'll definitely pick it up.

Bella-Marie said...

Just bought this as an audio book on itunes and I'm SO excited to read it. *spoiler-ish*

I was gutted at what happened to Tanith in mortal Coil but hopefully it won't be the last of her :) xxx

barmybex said...

Hope you both enjoy it - I'm sure you will

:~thelightningbarer~: said...

While I'll agree with most of it, I just didn't get the feel of the previous books with this. It was sort of flat for me, could've been that I was going through a mess of stuff at the time-I'll reread it later-but I was missing several things in the story, most notably the more sinister side of Skulduggery's insanity(won't give any spoilers, but the other thing doesn't count in my book)

lostdog said...

Great review! It's easy to see you loved the book... Have you read the two free Skulduggery stories on Amazon? They're set after the first and second books - good to read while you're waiting for the next book to come out!

barmybex said...

thelightningbarer - it does take the focus away from previous stroylines, but I could see why he did it.

Lostdog - Thanks! I have downloaded the two short stories but haven't read them yet. They look really good though. But thanks for telling me about them!