Thursday 27 June 2013

Book Promo - The Last of her Legacy


But unlike her fellow Guardians, Alikye has always been different, felt different, like she doesn’t belong. She has spent her life detached from her destiny and when the council of Legacies finds her behavior reckless and her hatred for humans a threat, they send her off to Florida to spend eight months in the company of humans, living a normal life.

What started out to be her worst nightmare, ended up becoming something she never expected; the truth about herself and the longing for a normal life. Then when all seems perfect, her real world and fantasy world collide into a disastrous fight between life and death. Will Alikye have the strength to save her human friends, or let them die to save her own life? Will she have the courage to make the final choice that will change the course of her future forever?

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