Sunday 30 June 2013

Book Review - Glass Frost

Title: Glass Frost
Author: Liz DeJesus
Series: First Frost (book 2)
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Release Date: 19th July 2013
ISBN13: 9781619376243

When joined together, Cinderella's slippers grant the wearer her heart's desire. But whose wish will be granted?
When Cinderella’s glass slipper is stolen, Queen Felicia sends her faithful steward Terrance to the real world to retrieve his love and witch-in-training, Bianca Frost. The power of the glass slipper in the wrong hands could ruin peace in Everafter. Bianca must gather every bit of magic she has learned in the past few weeks to find the slipper and protect her new love. Together, Bianca, Ming, Prince Ferdinand, and Terrance venture deep into the heart of Everafter to seek clues as to who has stolen the slipper and why. Along the way, they uncover what happened to the Seven Dwarves after Snow White married the prince, but also learn the awful risk of tampering with black magic and the high price that must be paid for magical aid, even when used for good.
Bianca and Terrance’s relationship is put to the test. Through the pain of suffering and loss, Bianca must determine if following her gallant boyfriend into his faraway world is in fact her heart's desire.

My Review
I read and really enjoyed book 1 in this series last year and hoped to get more from the characters so I was pleased when Liz contacted me again for a review, I of course said yes!
We are back with Bianca Frost - quick recap - Bianca's mum runs the museum of fairytale artifacts, most come for fun not believing any of it is real but all of the items actually really belonged to a fairy tale character from history- Red Riding Hoods Cloak, Snow White's Poison Apple etc. Bianca now has a Link with 'Everafter' the world of Fairytales and after solving one catastrophe there she is home and hoping for some quiet time.
In walks Terrence - her potential boyfriend who lives in Everafter, he has come to take Bianca back there, one of Cinderella's glass slippers has been stolen and the magic in them can be very powerful and dangerous in the wrong hands. 
Although it has been quite a while since I read book 1, everything came back very quickly, in fact the story stayed with me very well and I could still picture the museum etc before I even started reading again. 
It was like going back to a place you love but haven't been able to visit for a while, most things are familiar but there are also some new exciting differences to pull you in further again. You just know you're going to have a great time there.
I liked the plot layout and the story behind the slippers. Bianca and Terrence make a great duo and really carry the story. I liked the interlude of humour from Prince Ferninand too, gave the book a real funny element as he is such a likeable character. 
We meet some new characters in Everafter - some of the 7 Dwarves, Bluebell a fairy with attitude and the Frog Queen. The world really takes shape and feels like you are stepping through the pages and journeying with them. The imagery in the writing carries you in and builds everything up.
I found myself desperate to pick up the story again to know what happens next. It took me a little bit longer to read as it was an ebook which always slows me down, but it couldn't quell my enjoyment!
Looking forward to more from Bianca and friends. Hope Liz has more up her sleeve for this series. 

My Rating


Anonymous said...

Great review! Excited to read it! :)

barmybex said...

Thanks! Hope you enjoy. ;D