Friday 11 November 2011

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Q: In light of 11.11.11 and Veteran’s Day tell us about your favorite soldier and how he or she is saving the world. Fictional or real life.

My Answer: I don't really know any soldiers personally. One of my colleagues at work has a son out in Iraq, and I know how proud yet worried she is of him. So as I don't know any - I just want to say I appreciate everything they all do for us and I hope they return safely. 



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This Friday's Question:
Love-Hate Relationship: Which characters from a book do you love to hate?

 My Answer: ooh, there are so many.

- Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter, he is so dark and evil, but I can't help but love his appearances in the books.

- Count Olaf from Series of Unfortunate Events - he is so sneaky and creepy and a real baddy. Love it. Especially Jim Carey's interpretation in the film.

- President Snow in the Hunger Games this man is pure bad news.

- Lord Vengeance from Skulduggery Pleasant. These books are amazing and need a good baddy and they've got it.

- Madam Coulter from the Northern Lights. She makes my skin crawl, she acts all nice but is dangerous. I love to hate her. 

There are probably more but that's enough for now.

Happy Hopping, have a great weekend everyone!!! 


Belle said...

Snow absolutely, he is so hateful. But by the end of the series I despised Coin even more, ick!

Sophie said...

Much respect for your collegue's son - he's a brave man to be out there!
New follower! Great to meet another book blogger from the UK.

My post:

Have a great weekend! :)

TP said...

Great list of baddies! Snow - terrible!Lord Voldemort - even worse.

barmybex said...

Thanks Belle. I'd forgot about Coin. true.
Sophie - yeah there doesn't seem to be many of us from the UK but I'm sure there are a few of us. Nice to meet u. :D
Thanks Tanya!

Have a great weekend everyone. :D