Monday 7 November 2011

NaNoWriMonday (1)

Word Count: 2141/50000 (shockingly bad, but read below to find out why)
Day: 7/30
Genre: Children's Fantasy

Like many other bloggers, I am participating in this year's National Novel Writing Month, this will be my second time taking part. 'The Bookish Type" is hosting a NaNo meme every Monday to keep up with people's progress.

When i took part last year, I hit 50,000 words quite easily. My blog had only just started so I wasn't on it as much, I didn't have a mass pile of review books to read and things in everyday life were just easier. A lot has changed over the past year. I am so happy with how big my blog has become and how many wonderful authors take the time to contact me, I wouldn't change that for the world. But I feel guilty for neglecting things while I write. So I'm still juggling reading and writing.
The biggest changes have been outside of the blogging world, my parents have both been made redundant and my job is now at risk meaning there is a whole lot more stress.
I work most days 9-6 and then do a sporting activity of some sort from 7-9.30, meaning most days I don't get my computer on until 9.45 at night. I then check and update my blog, facebook etc. The settle down to write at about 10.45. This gives me about an hour before I collapse from exhaustion.

Before November started I had a page filled with different story ideas and I thought I had picked my favourite, but on November 1st I sat down and was totally uninspired. I had a day off so thought I could steam ahead, but nothing came out. I then decided to change story ideas and that seemed to work. I wrote 2,000 words on the first and second day giving me a total of 4,058. But I struggled, I wasn't feeling confident, I didn't care about my character and I dreaded sitting down to write.
I continued to struggle for the next three days but didn't really add any words at all. So on the 5th November I decided to start again with a whole different story, one I had been thinking about for a while, and it seemed to work, I was so jazzed up and excited I wrote a massive 2,061 words in an hour. I was jetting through!

Since then I wrote nothing yesterday as we were tidying the house ready for an estate agent visit today, I could have written some last night but I could hardly keep my eyes open.
Today I took my laptop to work with me so I could write in my lunch break, but I happened to get put on lunch at the same time as three other people and we got chatting. I deleted 400 words but did manage to re-write 500, so I added 100 to my count.

I  got home about 45 minutes ago  from training at JuJitsu (it's 10.15 now), when I've finished this post I will load up my document and do an hour of typing, hopefully I can get 2,000 words out, but this will still mean I am miles behind. I'll do more if I can, but it will be close.
I have a night in tomorrow as trampolining club has been cancelled so I've got to sit down and use the extra time to just write, write, write. I'm hoping to get about 6,000 words done tomorrow, which will catch me up a bit.

Wish me luck, I'm hoping by this time next week I have caught up and have more positive news. Maybe even be ahead of target. Wish me luck.
If anyone wants to add me as a writing buddy I am: Barmy_Bex

Keep Writing!!!

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