Wednesday 23 November 2011

Guest Post: Tawny Stokes

I have a special guest with me today, the lovely Tawny Stokes. First let me introduce you to her

Tawny Stokes has always been a writer. From an early age, she’d spin tales of serial killers in love, vampires taking over the world, and sometimes about fluffy bunnies turned bunnicidal maniacs. An honour student in high school, with a penchant for math and English, you’d never know it by the foot high blue Mohawk and Doc Martens, which often got her into trouble. No longer a Mohawk wearer, Tawny still enjoys old school punk rock, trance, zombie movies, teen horror films, and fluffy bunnies. She lives in Canada with her fantastical daughter, two cats, and spends most of her time creating new stories for teens.

Tawny also writes adult paranormal/urban fantasy fiction under the name Vivi Anna, and is an aspiring screenwriter.

Now let me introduce you to her works:

Demon Whisperer
By Tawny Stokes
Genre: Paranormal YA

Awake a year-long coma, where he literally spent in hell, Caden Butcher, 17, developed a special power.  He can speak to demons in their own language.  This new trick helps him take over the family exorcism business, from his broken alcoholic father.  Having to take care of the finances, Caden makes a decent income getting rid of demons.  He’s known as the young whiz-kid exorcist to the stars, obtaining most of his work in Hollywood.  But what others don't know is the exorcisms are all staged with the help of his best buddy, a demon he met in hell named Dantalion (Dan).

When an exorcism goes wrong, Caden discovers the demon inside a teen girl is not the run of the mill malicious entity but an adversary from down under who is hell bent on Caden’s destruction.  The International Order of Exorcists, an organization that tolerates Caden at best because of his respected father, starts their own investigation because of his screw up.

Now with the help of his demon buddy, and Caden’s girlfriend Aspen Spencer, a skilled necromancer, Caden must track down the rogue demon before he can expose Caden as a fraud and destroy everything that matters to him in his life, ending his reign as the one and only Demon Whisperer.
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By Tawny Stokes

Genre: Paranormal YA

During the summer before her senior year, 17 year old band groupie, Salem Vale, has been following her favorite punk rockers, Malice, from gig to gig hoping that one night she might get backstage and meet the sinisterly sexy guys. She’s been saving her virginity for the lead singer Thane.  One fateful evening she gets her wish.  It’s a dream come true.

Except the dream turns to a nightmare when she wakes up in a dumpster, tossed away like yesterday’s trash, with no memory of what happened the night before. She feels strange, different, as if something is trying to get out.  Soon she realizes she’s changing…turning into something not quite human.

Now a hunger deep inside claws at her to feed, to siphon energy from those around her.  Before she can do just that, Trevor, the band’s roadie shows up and stops her from killing.  With his help she learns to control the hunger inside, because he’s just like her.  And in return he wants her help to do one little thing…

Help him kill the members of Malice.

"STATIC is an edgy, dark, and delicious read! Tawny Stokes is a tasty new voice in YA fiction." –Michelle Rowen, national bestselling author

Now for the Guest Post by Tawny Stokes featuring a character interview with the protagonists from 'Demon Whisperer'

Fast Five with Caden Butcher and Dantalion from Demon Whisperer

I’m happy to be guesting on your blog.  Today, I brought with me two characters from my new release Demon Whisperer.  Caden Butcher, exorcist to the stars, and his best friend, Grand Duke of Hell, Dantalion or Dan as he likes to be called.  His title is all proper and such but he’s really just a reckless young man at heart, who just happens to prefer to appear looking exactly like Sid Vicious.

Welcome Caden and Dan.

Caden: Hey.

Dan: Yo.  I’m hungry.  Anyone got a pizza?

Tawny: No, I’ll get you one later.

Dan: I could just zip out and snatch one.

Tawny: No, I’d prefer if you stayed here.

Caden: Dan, behave.

Dan: Whatever.

Tawny: K, I’m going to ask you five questions and you both just answer them. And remember this is PG 13, okay, Dan?

Dan: Yup, got it.

Tawny:   Who is your favourite band?

Dan: Easy. Sex Pistols.

Caden:  I like lots of different bands.  Metallica.  Rob Zombie.  Papa Roach.  Seether. Three Days Grace.

Tawny: What is your favourite food?

Dan: Easy.  Pizza.

Caden:  Pizza is top on the list, but I also like Thai food.  And chicken wings.

Dan:  Oh yeah, I love chicken wings. The hotter the better. Dude, remember those wings we had in Calgary?  Damn!  Those were almost too hot for me.

Caden: *laughing*

Tawny:  What is your favourite animal?

Caden: Cats. 

Dan: Hellhounds. The bigger and meaner the better. The kind that eat cats for breakfast.

Caden: You don’t really hate Bali that much do you?

Dan: The hell I don’t.

Tawny: Moving on.  What is your favourite movie?

Caden: Hmm, that’s a tough one.  I really like the Resident Evil movies. 

Dan:  Oh hell yeah, plus Milla Jovovich is hot!

Caden:  But I have to say, and I’ll probably get ribbed about it, but I really enjoyed the Harry Potter movies.

Dan:  Me too!  Loved them.  And that Emma Watson.  Hmm, I’d change my ways for her.

Tawny: Speaking of girls, do either of you have a girlfriend?

Caden: Yup.  Aspen Spencer.  Most beautiful awesome chick you’d ever meet. 

Dan: I thought you guys broke up.

Caden: Ah, no we didn’t.

Dan: Are you sure about that?

Caden: Yeah, I’m sure.  *drops gaze*

Tawny: What about you Dan?  Cool guy like you must have a line up of girls.

Dan: No comment.

Caden: What about Jezebel?

Dan: I said no comment. *zips out of the room like the Flash*

Tawny: Okay, that would do it.   Thanks for being here with me Caden and Dan.    If anyone has any questions for either of them, I’m sure they would be happy to answer in the comment section.

Thanks for having me.  You can read more about Caden and Dan in the Demon Whisperer.  And learn more about me at

Thanks for coming to my blog and for the awesome post. :D


The Phantom Paragrapher said...

Have just finished reading Static and thought it was a good read :)
Am a new follower on your blog
Feel free to check out mine at and I look forward to reading more of your reviews and recieving more book ideas :)

barmybex said...

Hi Paula,
I'm ashamed to say I still haven't got round to reading these. They are still on my list. Will have to get a move on. Especially since you say it's good! :D
Thanks for following.