Wednesday 9 November 2011

SOO Excited Dream Come True

I am so excited, I think my dream has come true (one of them anyway)

On the 1st November I wrote a review of 'The House Of Vampires' by Samantha Rendle. It was part of her promotion tour and I really enjoyed reading the book for it.
I had great contact with Samantha herself, but also with her publisher. They were very helpful, we emailed back and forth  and they were obviously pleased when I told them how much I loved the book.

Here comes the best part. I received a finished copy of the book today and was thrilled to see that I was mentioned on the back of it. (I did know it was going to happen as I sent the review to the publisher and gave permission for it to be used) but seeing it for real was extraordinary. I think it's every bloggers dream to see their review on a book, and I can say it felt so good.

Here's a picture:

See! I'm right at the top. How amazing is that!!! Can't believe this is an actual printed book that people will pick up and look at and even buy, and my review will help convince them to buy it! *squeal*

Here's the front cover - looks cool.

That's it really. I just wanted to share my enthusiasm and excitement with you. And to once more shamelessly promote this book. It really is worth reading. :D

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