Monday 14 November 2011

NaNoWriMonday (2)

Word Count: 14692/50000
Day: 14/30
Genre: Children's Fantasy

Like many other bloggers, I am participating in this year's National Novel Writing Month, this will be my second time taking part. 'The Bookish Type" is hosting a NaNo meme every Monday to keep up with people's progress.

 I can't believe we are almost halfway through November. I hoped to be on at least 25,000 words by now. I am seriously behind. As you can probably tell, my plan of an evening in to write last week didn't happen. I had something urgent at work that needed typing so I ended up doing that instead, But I've had the last two days writing like mad, I did about 4,000 words in 2 and a bit hours each night. If I keep on target and use all my time at home writing I should make it.
My problem is that my mind wanders too easily. A game calls my attention, I get a facebook notification, I am reading a good book, i'm hungry, the cat wants something, there's something on TV etc. I need to get myself to focus. When I do the novel is flowing really easily and I am happier with where it is going, but getting into it seems quite hard.

My mind is distracted this year, I never used to be this unfocused, but the more I write the more I seem to come together so I still have hope that I can finish.
I had a vague idea of where I wanted to go with this story when I started it, but I have gone a completely different way several times - and I'm happy with it. My characters are coming to life and telling their own story, they know where they should be and I just have to follow and write it. I told my concept to one of my colleagues today and she seemed really interested which gave me renewed hope.
I've even been taking my laptop to work so I can have 45 minutes of writing at lunch time, but with the distractions I don't get much done, I did 300 words today, but that's better than nothing. I'll do some more when I've finished here, see if I can do at least 2,000 words today.

Overall I am more confident with where I am going, I just need to get on with it. I hope I can catch up. Wish me luck.
Again if anyone wants to add me as a writing buddy I am: Barmy_Bex

Keep Writing!!!


Casey (The Bookish Type) said...

There's still plenty of time to get back on track! It sounds like things are coming along great even if you're a little behind on the word count. The most important thing is to be in touch with your characters and to have the story going where you want it to go! I totally know what you mean about all the distractions -- I find that turning off my internet sometimes helps me focus better. If I can resist the urge to turn it back on ;) Good luck!

barmybex said...

Thanks, I'm trying but I'm just not really home enough, when I am I' exhausted. I'm hoping I can still make it but it's getting less likely by the day.