Thursday 26 May 2011

Not at BEA but What an Interesting week

This week isn't over yet but it's already been quite a week. Filled with all sorts of activities, fun and challenges. This is a quick run down of my week.

Monday - Work 9-6, spent day tidying shelves, serving customers, cutting out fish shapes ready for event next week and had Teen Book Group - they had a 2 part quiz, the winner was rewarded with a 'Hunger Games' t-shirt. Some questions were from the internet, but I wrote some of the others and I made the picture round. The had 12 faces - they had to say who the actor/actress was, the character they played, the book the film was based on and who wrote the original book. Was shocked only one teen knew who wrote Alice in Wonderland!
Evening of blogging and writing.

Tuesday - Work 9-6, went in first thing, did some stockwork, cut my thumb quite deeply on a cardboard box (could you get more stupid) then we had 'Bookstart Bear's Teddy Bears Picnic'
This was a special event for parents and babies/toddlers/pre-schoolers. They had two stories based on bears and sang rhymes, then they had a special appearance from:
and yes, that was me in that suit. I waved, blew kisses, danced, wiggled my tail and hugged the children. (I even had one child fall asleep on my feet, was so cute) I got so hot in that suit but the kids loved it.

After work I had trampolining club for 2 hours. Then came home and blogged :D

Wednesday - Work 9-6 out on the Mobile Library, round the countryside, doing book deliveries and serving customers, going round road closures etc. Nice day out.
After work JuJitsu club for 2 hours. Learnt some new wrist-locks. Came home and blogged

Thursday - Day off! Today was a special day, it's my Granma's birthday on Saturday and she has always wanted to go on the London Eye, so today my friend and I took her into London and onto the eye. It was a lot of walking, quite tiring, but so worth it. We all had a great time and she clearly enjoyed it.

Then had trampolining for 3 and a half hours. Now home and updating my blog, ready for a good nights sleep.

So, as you can see I've had quite a packed week, whilst all those other bloggers are off enjoying BEA. I'd have loved to have been there in NY, but wouldn't have missed the Bear or London, both were great experiences.
So what have you done with your week?

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