Saturday 28 May 2011

Quote Love (10)

Quote Love is a new meme hosted by 'Midnight Twilight'. It's kind of like Teaser Tuesday from Should Be Reading, but with this one you can choose any quote from any book, not just the one you're currently reading. The quote can be thought provoking, or funny, or just really powerful, it's all up to you which kind of quote you choose.

Here is what you have to do to participate:
1) Choose one of your favorite quotes.
2) Post the quote, and write what you like about it.
3) Make sure to put the title and author so if someone else likes the quote they can check out the book.
4) Post your link on Midnight Twilight's Post.

So here is my quote for the week:

"Sometimes crying or laughing are the only options left, and laughing feels better right now."
Veronica Roth (Divergent

I'm about halfway through this book and loving it. I took to this quote, quite often people will say to me 'how can you be so happy', and I always reply 'well, what's the point in being miserable?' and this quote made me think of that. Sometimes, you've just got to laugh.

So, have a fun, laughter filled weekend everyone.

I'm hopefully going to 'Collectormania' tomorrow - a big event filled with sci-fi and fantasy tv/film stars signing autographs and loads of stalls selling collectables. Will be some Harry Potter cast there and then things like Stargate and Star-Trek etc. Something for everyone. Check out the website here


Anonymous said...

You get to meet the Harry Potter cast! I so wish I could be there! I hope you have fun.

I've heard such great things about Divergent, and I really like this quote. I agree, sometimes you have to just laugh things off.

barmybex said...

Sadly didn't see any of the Harry Potter cast in person. I walked past Thicknesse (Guy Henry) but didn't get an autograph.
Fred & George Weasley were there yesterday so I missed them by a day. :(
Was still a great day though. Got some pics of Anthony Head, David Blue & some storm Troopers, R2D2 and spiderman. :D

I just finished Divergent, about to put my review up. Sooooo good. :D