Monday 18 June 2012

Book Promotion - Ashley Andrews

The Heaven I found in Hell
By Ashley Andrews

Blurb:  Alex is a Victoria's Secret model that is forced by her parents to go to Boarding School. Being downright gorgeous, she can make any guy, both male supermodels and high school boys, turn head over heels in love with her. But why is she having a hard time catching the interest of her roommate's handsome brother?

Full of sexual tension, high school parties, tease fests, and a certain reappearance from a superstar ex, this story is a wild ride of teenage humor and romance.

About the Author: Ashley Andrews was born in New York to Canadian parents.  She moved to Canada when she was a very young child. She currently resides in Toronto. For years she has been a teacher, writer, and actress. After several years of writing she decided to go ahead and publish her stories.  She can normally be found in a coffee shop typing away at her latest work. She is the author of Bleeding Love, The Heaven I found in Hell and Breaking the Arm, Healing the Heart.

The Heaven I found in Hell can be bought on Amazon Kindle at this address:

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