Saturday 2 June 2012

Book Review - Soul Surfer

Title: Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family and Fighting to Get Back on the Board
Author: Bethany Hamilton
Publisher: Pocket Books
Release Date: 3 July 2006 (this edition, originally published 2004)
ISBN-13: 978-1416510987

They say Bethany Hamilton has saltwater in her veins. How else could one explain the tremendous passion that drives her to surf? How else could one explain that nothing - not even the loss of her arm in a horrific shark attack - could come between her and the waves? That Halloween morning in Kauai, Hawaii Bethany responded to the shark's stealth with a calmness beyond belief. Pushing pain and panic aside, she immediately thought: 'Get to the beach...' Rushed to the hospital, where her father, Ted Hamilton, was about to undergo knee surgery, Bethany found herself taking his spot in the operating theatre. When the first thing Bethany wanted to know after surgery was 'When can I surf again?' it became clear that her unfaltering spirit and determination were part of a greater story - a tale of courage and faith that this modest and soft-spoken girl would come to share with the world. 

My Review
This is not my normal sort of read, but every now and then a story just catches your eye, I first heard about Bethany's story on 'Ellen' the TV show, she had Bethany and Anna-Sophia Robb on to discuss the movie, of the same name. I am a massive fan of Anna-Sophia so I wanted to find out more. And what i found seemed totally inspiring and herat-felt that I was despereate to know more.
Living in the UK I haven't been able to see the film (comes out here 2nd July 2012 on DVD), and as a bookworm anyway I decided to request the book from the library.
It took forever to come but it arrived a couple of weeks ago. I finished a book last night and wanted something different and so picked this up. I have to just say that Bethany Hamilton is an inspiration, she really is. 
For those of you who don't know her story, basically on October 31st 2003, Bethany (aged 13) was out surfing with her best friend when her left arm got bitten off by a shark, thanks to the quick reactions of those around her and by the grace of God, Bethany was treated quickly. She ended up with just a stump of her left arm remaining, but she didn't give up and was determined to get back on her surf board and help other people. 
This book is told by Bethany, it recounts the whole incident and also the background of her life and her hopes for the future. It's written with pur honesty and an open heart, and I really admire her bravery. She faces every day with her head high and has refused to give up. She puts her faith in God and knows she is destined for something great, and as a Christian myself, I love how open she is about her religion. 
I can see why she recieves so much fan mail and support, for someone so young she showed immense bravery and courage and also selflessness. 
This book will touch your heart and mind and make you think about what you have in life. It's a very quick read, but definitely one that will stay with you.
If you want more information about Bethany, visit her website. It's well worth a visit.
So in case you had any doubts - I loved this book and would highly recommend it, I'm looking forward to the film even more now too, I know I will be crying!

My Rating

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Anonymous said...

This story sounds compelling and brave! Loving water myself so much, I really can feel Bethany's resolution not to give up on Surfing. I will look out for this novel for sure.