Thursday 28 June 2012

Book Promotion: Tale of the Black Mamba

Tale of the Black Mamba is a fast moving, darkly comic novel that challenges the bonds of family loyalty, love and power.
"Sometimes from birth, the darkness in a man's soul is so riddled with spores, all that is left him is to incubate evil. In the same way vultures hover over the bleak remains of dying creatures, greed and cruelty hunch themselves atop the blades of this man's shoulders in anticipation of a feast."

Chicago, 1901 and teen magician Avery Fontaine is about to experience the thrill of a lifetime. Bizarre urging from a gypsy hag lead him to the World's Fair in Buffalo, New York, on a hair-raising adventure in search of a secret treasure buried in a painting. With the help of his cousin Henri Dubois and friend Hattie Estabrook, Avery hovers between The World's Fair and Niagara Falls attempting to decipher the clues. But a harrowing twist of fate soon pits the trio into a frantic race for survival against a devious mastermind also on the hunt for the treasure: Dr. Wu, aka The Black Mamba. A tormented madman, blackmailer, art thief, kidnapper, hypnotist and potential killer all rolled into one rotten guy. It's a summer they'll never forget.

"With a steampunk sensibility and wildly inventive plot, plenty of verbal (as well as actual) fireworks, and an evil mastermind as ruthless as Sax Rohmer's Dr. Fu Manchu, this darkly humorous fantasy is a fabulous confection of a book. Fair warning: teen readers should be prepared to steal it back from the adults in the household."
-      Eileen Kernaghan - Author of Wild Talent: a Novel of the Supernatural

"Lenore Angela combines simple, everyday words to create something exquisitely wonderful."
-      Irene Livingston - Author of Finklehopper Frog

"From the wildly inventive, black-capped, mauve-slippered Dr. Wu to a sumptuous subterranean hideaway and a teetering tightrope rescue above Niagara Falls, this book has all the fun of the 1901 World's Fair: a rollicking good tale brimming with escapades galore."
-      Jacquie Argent - Freelance Editor

Born in Moncton, New Brunswick, Lenore Angela enjoyed a kind of gypsy upbringing, being raised in Toronto, Hamilton, Manitoba and Vancouver. She now resides in B.C.’s Fraser Valley with her husband and overly friendly black lab, Clare.

L.A. has written many short stories and has been published in literary publications such as Pottersfield Portfolio and Matrix Magazine. She was also shortlisted in 'This Magazines' contest, The Great Literary Hunt. Tale of the Black Mamba is her first Young Adult novel.

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