Sunday 3 June 2012

I met Rue!!! The Hunger Games

Every year we have a local 'Collectormania' event in Milton Keynes which os only about 20 minutes away from me.
This is basically a bg event for fans of Fantasy & Sci-Fi. They have memorabilia stands selling photos, figurines, bags, books, toys, buttons and badges basically anything obsessed fans would want to collect! But the best part of the event is the celebrity guests. They have a wide mix and guaranteed there will be someone there for everyone. This year was a mix of Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and Hunger Games plus many more. If you want to see everyone that was there click on the 'Collectormania' link above and then click on the title that says Milton Keynes.
They had a really good mix.

My best friend who is not in the country right now gave me the money to get 'Jason Momoa's' authograph - he's from Game of Thrones and Stargate. so when we got there I went to his stand and got a ticket. (You have to have a number to come back and then you go back for your autograph when your number band is up, this helps cut down on queuing). I ended up with ticket 99.

Whilst we were waiting I went and found the table of the person I really wanted to meet. When I heard she would be there I was so excited. Of course I'm talking about Amandla Stenberg who plays the one and only Rue in the Hunger Games. I managed to get at the front of the Queue so I was the first person to meet her today!

I had so many things I wanted to say to her but I went shy and fan girl like. I did tell her however that she was the 'Perfect person to play Rue and she did it so well!'
She told me she liked my t-shirt - I was wearing a Mockingjay surrounded by 'May the odds be ever in your favour' shirt.

She then signed a picture for me and then let me take a photo with her.

  She was such a sweetheart!

After that I went to find 'Hannah Spearitt' who was in 'Primevil' and of course 'S Club 7', and although it looked fairly empty (she hadn't yet arrived) I was given ticket 163!

We decided to walk round the entire thing, catching glimpses of other stars and looking at the stalls.

By that time 'Jessica Parker Kennedy' who plays Melissa in the 'Secret Circle' had arrived(she's the one on the far right!) The man on the left is 'Erick Avari' think he is from Stargate or something like that.

Also 'Dayo Okeniyi' who plays Thresh in 'The Hunger Games' had arrived and appropraitely was now sitting next to Amandla

As I walked past, he waved at me and said "All right?", I was so excited I waved back and said 'Yes, thanks!" I really wish I could have got his autograph too but I couldn't afford it, but he seemed really nice. Would have been cool if the event organizers had arranged a deal with the pair, sort of like a buy one get one half price. That would have been cool!
But at least I saw them both.

We got there for when it opened at 9, and as we had been efficient with tickets and planning I had got Rue & Jason's autograph by 10. Then we had one last look round the stalls.

We went back to check on Hannah's queue but it still said ticket 1-50. As the fair was held in a Football stadium which is pretty open it was quite cold and it had been raining since yesterday, we were very cold so we decided to give up and leave, it was about 10.40 by now and the fair was getting busier by the minute. I am disappointed I didn't get to meet Hannah, but meeting Amandla totally made up for that!

I love these events and am looking forward to next year's already. I am going to London Film and Comic Con in July though which is even bigger and better so I'm looking forward to that. I might even cosplay, just not sure what as yet.

I'm going to treasure Rue's autograph forever - so cool! Who's Jealous?


Michele O. said...

You're so lucky!
Rue is my favorite character, and I loved her in the movie :3

P.E. said...

Dude, I'm jealous. She sounds awesome, and the event sounds like a lot of fun! I think she did amazing as Rue too.

Arianne said...

Wow, so lucky :D Even Thresh is in there!!

barmybex said...

She is awesome! and so sweet.
Yeah Thresh was there too. I'm kicking myself for not talking to him. But was still good. :D