Saturday 9 June 2012

Book Review - The House of Silk

Title: The House of Silk
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Publisher: Orion
Release Date: 1 Nov 2011
ISBN-13: 978-1409133827

For the first time in its one-hundred-and-twenty-five-year history, the Arthur Conan Doyle Estate has authorized a new Sherlock Holmes novel.
Once again, THE GAME'S AFOOT...
London, 1890. 221B Baker St. A fine art dealer named Edmund Carstairs visits Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson to beg for their help. He is being menaced by a strange man in a flat cap - a wanted criminal who seems to have followed him all the way from America. In the days that follow, his home is robbed, his family is threatened. And then the first murder takes place.
Almost unwillingly, Holmes and Watson find themselves being drawn ever deeper into an international conspiracy connected to the teeming criminal underworld of Boston, the gaslit streets of London, opium dens and much, much more. And as they dig, they begin to hear the whispered phrase-the House of Silk-a mysterious entity that connects the highest levels of government to the deepest depths of criminality. Holmes begins to fear that he has uncovered a conspiracy that threatens to tear apart the very fabric of society.

 My Review
I have never read anything by Anthony Horowitz before, but anyone who knows me, knows I adore Sherlock Holmes novels. They are so exciting, thrilling and unpredictable that I can't get enough. So when I saw one of my colleagues with this book at the library I had to request it too.
I wasn't really sure what to expect, having no previous experience of Horowitz I was slightly worried he wouldn't live up to my expectations but I figured if the Conan Doyle Estate thought it good enough to release it must be at least ok. And I have to just say it was FANTASTIC, Horowitz really captured the essence of Holmes and Conan Doyle, he did such a good job.  It almost felt like I was reading one of the original stories, I was totally swept away.
I sat down for just over an hour this morning and got just over halfway when I had to stop for lunch, I then came back to it this evening with the idea that I would sit and read a bit for about 45 minutes. Well, 2 hours later i had finished the entire book, I just couldn't make myself put it down. I was totally involved in the story and had to know what would happen. I did not guess the ending and was amazed at how all the loose ends tied up neatly. 
The pacing of the story is perfect, exciting and full of twists and turns that have you racing through the story desperate to know more. The characters really come to life, there are quite a lot of characters and it had the potential of being over complicated, especially as the crimes added up in number, but Horowitz deals with it perfectly and I always knew what was happening/who everyone was. Nothing is revealed too early and just the right amount of tension is included.
Once again the story is told by Dr Watson and he makes an excellent narrator. I can't say much more about it really. I just loved it. I think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would have been proud!
I hope Horowitz does more of these! 

My Rating

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