Wednesday 12 January 2011

Book Review - Changeling: Demon Games

Teenage werewolf Trey is facing the most important and dangerous mission of his life. He must journey into the dark Netherworld and rescue Alexa, daughter of his vampire guardian Lucien, who is being held hostage by a powerful demon lord. But strength and courage alone are not enough to succeed – instead Trey must ‘win’ both their freedoms by participating in a death-match against his deadliest nemesis yet. The forces of evil are stacked against him and Trey can only be certain of one thing . . . one of them WILL die. 

My Review
I grabbed this book as soon as i finished the last one and read it in one day. I just could not put it down. I have become obsessed by this series. I love them.
Alexa has journeyed to the Netherworld to save her friend Phillipa, when that goes wrong, Trey finds himself following her and coming to the rescue, but nothing is ever that easy. There are traitors everywhere and Trey must work out who he can trust. In order to escape he has to make a deal with the Demon Lord and fight in the Demon Games - a brutal sport where nether creatures must fight to the death.
Can Trey face his enemies and escape with his and Alexa's life. I found this book really exciting, the journey through the Netherworld was exciting and very different from what i thought. The characters really come to life, and i found myself trying to figure out who was a good guy and who was the traitor. Some parts of the story were again slightly predictable, i knew exactly where Feasey was heading, but i still enjoyed getting there.
The only bad thing about this book is that the next one isn't out yet and it's left me wanting more, which i suppose is really the mark of a good book.

My Rating
I would give this book 9/10, grab the series now!!!

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